One cannot buy happiness, but if someone buys a pair of shoe, then it is a kind of the same thing. There is an old quote that says “Good Shoes take you to Good Places”. True! The very first thing that many people notice in other is the pair of shoes that the person is wearing. A good pair of shoes can transform your body language and the attitude. It also helps in boosting the person emotionally as well as physically. All that is needed is to make sure that the right match of the shoes has been put on or not.

Need for a Comfortable Pair of Shoes

Shoes are the part of dressing that brings in comfort. A good pair of shoes can hold the body and feet in a positive frame. A person can walk miles with the best and the most comfortable pair of shoes.

The preference of the people changes according to the taste and the type of comfort one searches. Another essential thing that governs the selection of the pair of shoe is the destination. A pair of formal authentic leather shoes always goes well with formal wearing and corporate dressing. While a casual loafer or the sneakers fit well for any party occasions.

Choosing the Perfect Shoe Type

A perfect pair of shoes is capable of separating your style statement from the crowd. With the advancement in the science and technology, there have been different types of shoes in the market. It is a type of social currency and selecting the best one according to the occasions is an art.

The technology has changed the production and the type of shoes and thus giving the people a broad spectrum of options for the selection. The following are the different ways that will help to choose the shoes in the most excellent way-

  • For Corporate Meetings

Are you heading to any corporate meeting? Are you a professional?

Well to all these questions, if the answer is affirmative, one needs to dress accordingly. From hair to the tip of the toe, the professional decorum needs to be maintained. Putting on a formal trouser and a nice looking formal shirt is not going to be enough if the shoe is not accordingly.

There are different companies that manufacture pure leather shoes for men for this purpose only. The derbies, oxfords, boat shoes, moccasins and brogues are some of the leather made shoes that are popular amongst the people. One needs to put on the shoes according to the style and the place.

  • Its Party Whole Night!

Casuals! Yes, the very first thing that strikes the mind on hearing about parties is the casual wearing. A hip-hop style dress to make the party lovers studded with a casual pair of shoes is all to make the person remain comfortable. Sneakers, loafers, espadrilles are some of the shoe types that are becoming popular amongst the masses.


The shoe must match according to the dress and the style. Remember, Cinderella is the proof that a good pair of shoes can change your Life!

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The author is associated with pure leather shoes for men and possesses in-depth knowledge about formal authentic leather shoes.