If you were working on a project that required a professional approach Core Drilling would you be happy to carry out the Concrete Cutting on your own? Could you guarantee the Core Drilling would be completed to exact standards, meeting all the project requirements you have in place? To achieve perfect results Core Drilling has to be performed to precise tolerances using professional drilling rigs. You can’t tackle Core Drilling without the right tools and experience this is a highly specialised task. For first class results when Core Drilling this is a task that’s best left in the hands of the experts, a team that undertakes Concrete Cutting and a range of drilling operations on a variety of sites and for a variety of customers.

What exactly is Core Drilling?

Core Drilling is a type of Concrete Cutting process although it can be used on a wide variety of materials including stone and brickwork to name but a few. The aim of Core Drilling is to produce accurately drilled holes in a smooth and professional manner. Predominantly, contractors that undertake Core Drilling projects use state-of-the-art drilling rigs and they can either be electrically or hydraulically powered. Different sized holes can be cut using this type of process and Core Drilling can produce diameters as little as 12mm right up to 550mm in total. In the right hands a drilling rig can extract concrete cores speedily and accurately with the minimum amount of fuss.

Finding a contractor for Core Drilling

To make sure Concrete Cutting processes are a total success, insist on working with an approved contractor that specialises in Core Drilling on a host of different materials. This is isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, teams like Diamond Drilling UK are ready to tackle any Core Drilling projects you are planning in the future. They have many years of experience in the world of Core Drilling and have the skills to extract concrete cores from floors and walls ready to be used for services. Give them a call, have a chat about your concrete cutting requirement and they’ll be happy to help in any way that they can.

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