The magic of failure, despair and poverty

A bewitched man is trapped in continuous failure, if he is a student who has a lot of failure and does not have the ability to concentrate and memorize, he does not learn or study. Also, if he is an employee you will find him not working and not settle in the job only a little time and then he will go looking for others. Or you will find him a failure in his work, failed in his marriage, failed in his relationship with people, desperate of the future, desperate of life, and waste his money, but money does not settle in his hand, spend it on trivial things and give it to those who do not deserve it.

Magic of Madness

Sheikh Abdul Khaliq Al-Attar says that if the demon of magic is concentrated and settled in the human brain, God may be make him able to identify the brain cells and their functions and use. In addition, if man does not wake up at all, but perpetual shudder, amazement, forgetfulness and disobedience, then it is a permanent partial association. Whereas, in the permanent conjugal conjugation, the soul is shown as a hypnotist which represented by the figure of the hippopotamus, mute and insanity. It may be the magic server associated with the scans of the tyranny and poor memory. One of his personality traits is that he is crazy, and if the devil casts the mind of the occult in order to wake up, think, understand, and deal with man naturally sometimes, and sometimes absent, this is called an emergency coupling.

In arabic treatment of magic called علاج السحر

The scholars mentioned the types of magic and claimed that they are eight types, and some of them said that they are three types as the following: true magic, fictive magic and metaphorical magic.

Under the magic of true and imaginary falls the following:

1- Magic Antenna: Magic is exposed to the air stream as the wind passed the effect of magic increased.
2- Water magic: Magic is thrown into seas, rivers, wells and streams.
3- Fire magic: Magic is placed in or near fireplaces such as fire or oven.
4- The magic of dust: buried in dust, such as graves, roads and houses.

It falls under these four types the following:

1. Eating and Drinking: This kind is related to what makes it with food and drink, which is the most powerful magic effect on the enchanted and like the snuff and spray on the body.
2. Inhaled: This kind is related to what is mixed in the perfume or prepared of perfume and incense.
3. Held: All that can be held and spit on it.
4. Trace: This kind is related to what is taken from the enchanted trace, such as (hair, nails, dresses, menstrual blood, urine, semen).
5. Scattering: Every powder spilled by the magician and scattered in the rooms and at the entrances of houses.
6. Sprinkler: Any liquid spilled by the magician and sprayed on clothes or at the threshold of doors or in places where the bewitched often is existed in often.
7. Talisman: Names, words, letters, numbers and boxes of unknown meaning except for wizards.
8. Observation: It is made for the appearance of a star or the association of a planet with a planet or moon and the consequent sea and blood agitation.

Ways of preparing magic

The magician selects the appropriate magic material and then recites the magic spells on it or writes the talisman in its diabolical way on paper, leather or metal. Then choose one of the two methods to make the effect that you want to spell:

Method 1: The magic material is outside the body of the person to be enchanted, such as burying magic in the ground like graves and roads, put magic in the water, throw it in the bottom of the seas and rivers, in the waterways, hanging it on trees and in the wind or it is made of burned things. Some of the magic sprinkle on clothes, polished on jewelry, sprayed at the doors, flows in the air, connects wings and legs of birds or be accompanied by animals ….etc.

Method 2: The magician gives some things to feed the person to be charmed, watering, sniffing or sprinkling them on his clothes or bed. These things are often unclean items such as menstrual blood, urine, dog saliva, dead blood or pig blood.

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