Creativity – that oneness with our creative muse - is a great feeling.

It allows us to feel free and to be productive.

But how do we get that creative feeling going?
And if we have it going – how can we increase its productivity?

Creativity is often written and spoken about as coming from one’s muse – and though many use the muse idea - few today actually see creativity as “divinely” inspired.

Professional disciplines each define creativity in their own ways – but basically creativity is the ability to put your thoughts into a form or format so that others can see, read or hear what one is thinking. Creativity is unique to the individual. Two or more “equally” creative people may do their creations in very different formats or may do the same format in very different ways.

Creativity is hard to “measure” as it is - well – it is creative!

And finding ways to get your creativity going or to increase it will be as diverse as the definitions.

But some of the ideas here may work to help you increase your creativity – or just get it going. The best way to start – is to start! And the best way to increase is to do more.

And yes - this advice is easier said than done.

Some writers sit at a keyboard or with a pad of paper and write things like nursery rhymes, the alphabet, grocery lists, etc. It’s just a way to start putting some words down somewhere!

Photographers may take pictures of the wall, floor, or whatever they see out a window just to start what is the eye-hand movements of picture taking. Artists may draw sketches, lines or doodles for the same reason.

If one’s inner psyche is in turmoil for any reason, it may be very difficult to get that creative spark going. For times like this, allowing yourself to be idle – engaging in thinking and reflecting is fine. There is nothing wrong with doing nothing. Your brain is working on future projects!

Another way to start or increase your creativity is to begin using a format different than your usual one. Knitting may inspire you to write. Singing may start you taking photos. Playing music can inspire you to do your fused glass and cooking a fancy meal may work to get the painting on track.

And it may just be that your increase in creativity may happen in this new format.

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Go make creations! Make ripples! Sing! Knit! Be creative and be free!

From Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. who helps others learn to trust their own inner creative guide via coaching, consulting and cajoling:-)

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