Smoking has always been a habit man has adopted since the beginning of human evolution. Be it tobacco, weed, or voodoo. It will always be part of our culture as humans to smoke.

Various cultures and religions all around the globe have different forms or ways by which they consume psychoactive substances. The different systems and methods of consuming a range of psychoactive compounds pose some interesting observations. In order to get access to their medication, patients can now get medical marijuana certifications online. For example, Virginia residents can get their medical marijuana cards by scheduling a video conference with cannabis physicians.

But for this write-up, we are going to focus on various systems of smoking hashish (which is a cannabis resin). As cannabis is, for some reason unknown, by far the most popularly used psychoactive substance around the globe. It can be grown with cannabis seeds and then processed after harvesting into hashish. Farmers have been strategically cultivating cannabis and offer a variety of strands in their seeds.

Before we let the cat out of the back though, it is necessary for us to take a look at the history of cannabis and it's derivatives. The use of marijuana dates back to a time way before the Millenium BCE---which, according to written history, was when humans started to consume it. Contrary to the written usage of cannabis, new archeological evidence supports the fact that the use of marijuana started way even before millennium BCE.

Islamic nations were the first to start the restriction of weed in the 14th century and by the 19the century that restriction had extended to colonial territories.

From the 20th century, though, favor started to shine on the use of cannabis as there was a global movement to lift the restrictions on cannabis. This advocacy for marijuana was initiated partly because of the numerous BENEFITS of cannabis, which could no longer be overlooked.

It will come as a surprise to you. That there are written records of cannabis being used in ancient china for cloths, ropes, shoes and even early prototypes of paper. Apart from all these benefits, there is also the medicinal value of cannabis---which we dare say---is the most compelling evidence that won the fight against restrictions on cannabis.

Cannabis consumption, as we said earlier, has various forms and mediums of use. And hashish (cannabis resin) though not so popular in western countries, is consumed in different parts of the world. Hashish's history can be traced back to the Persian civilization, and from Persian to the Arabians---and from Arabians to Egyptians.

Back then though hashish was strictly consumed as an edible. Subsequently, as time went by, people began to invent different ways of consuming hashish for persistent pain.

Straw or Pole Method

A lot of hash fans love this method, the reason being the ability to control the amount of smoke being inhaled. To perform this process, you are going to need a pole or the shell of a pen, a paper clip, lighter, and of course, your hash.

You start by clipping the hash with the paper clip. Holding the clip with the hash, you light the hash (but you have to careful not to burn your fingers in the process). Then you can use a straw or the empty shell of a pen---depending on what you choose to use, and suck/ inhale the smoke from the hash.

You can continue repeating the process until the hash is completely burnt out.

The Hot Knives Method

Just as the name implies, it involves the use of two hot knives and a picker. This method is one of the earliest forms of consuming hash. It is usually practiced in the open, say like a campfire.

First, you have to heat the tip of the knives, and then you pick out one knife when the tip is red-hot. After which you then use a picker to lift the hash, and place it on top of the red-hot part of the knife.

Immediately place the tip of the second knife on the hash---so that the hash is between the tips of both knives. By this time the hash is already smoking, you can then lean forward and inhale the smoke.

This is a very crude and old system of consuming hash, but with little practice, one can very easily get the hang of it. Plus many folks feel that this a cool way of smoking hash, as it has won much admiration for people who have used this method---at least that's what I'm told.

Smoke Pipe

This is also an old method of smoking hash. it involves crushing the hash into smaller fragments and then put into a smoking pipe. The end of the pipe with hash particles is then lighted with a match stick and smoked through the pipe’s tube.

Hash Brownie

This process involves crushing the hash into powdery form and then put in a pot with butter and heating it for an hour. After that, you transfer the mixture into a bowl and put it in a refrigerator.

The reason you want to put it back in the fridge after heating is to filter the butter from the hash. After the mixture has cooled down you will find that the butter has solidified and at the base will be the hashish. You can then use the butter in baking a brownie. You can consume Hash Brown Potatoes with Capers too.

In Conclusion

There several other ways or methods of consuming hash. You just have to find the one that works for you---but if you are anything like me---you wouldn't stick to one method. Like the saying goes "variety is the spice of life"

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Umar Bajwa is a blogger and professional content writer loves to write about lifestyle, fitness and health-related topics.