A long-distance move is always risky as the chances of damages are exponentially high here. But expert removalists resort to several innovative ways to reduce the possibilities of the damages.

Today in Perth as well as in the suburbs like Victoria Park and Wangara, the movers stay extra careful when it comes to long-distance relocations.

Now let us take a look at how they help protect the items that are being relocated.

Inspecting the furniture

A removalist in Victoria Park will always inspect furniture before and after packing since most of them are fragile. Other than that they will also inspect the items for possible pest infestation that can be quite damaging as well. The removalists will carefully carry and place the items on the transportation truck and re-check them to see if everything is okay.

Apart from the items they also check the packaging because furniture requires protective layers to prevent damages. If they find that they will need additional layers of protection, they will provide that then and there.

They will create a list of the items

Preparing a list of your items that will be moved will make the transportation process easier for them. Moreover, by preparing the list they will be able to give you accurate price estimates.

Since they already have that list, it will be easier for them to keep track of all the items. So, inspecting the furniture will become easier too before they can be moved and this will ensure that your items will be safe during the transport.

Packing everything

Proper packing is the key to keeping everything safe and minimizing the possibilities of damages. To do this, the removalist in Wangara will make sure that that inside the box all the items are well cushioned. They will also make sure that nothing is loose and every box is placed on top of one another to minimize damages.

They will check the seal inside the containers considering the fact that they can turn upside down during the journey. For this, however, they will have to buy good quality boxes that offer higher protection from a fall or impact.

If these steps are not followed, the possibilities of damages might increase.

Things they will not put in a box

As you can well imagine that some of the essential items need must not be packed such as social security cards, driver’s licence, bank statement, etc. and other documents because you might need them anytime. Also, after arriving at the new place unpacking everything can be time-consuming. So, the removalists will always recommend you to carry them with you since they are your personal belongings.

Some of the other items that you should avoid packing are clothes, hygiene products, sleeping materials, etc. that you might need anytime.

Secondly, apart from the personal belongings food items must never be packed as there is a high chance they can get crushed during transportation.

So, these steps will need to be followed by a removalist in Victoria Park or Wangara to keep all items safe during transportation.

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The author owns a company that provides removalists in Wangara and Victoria Park who ensure safety and protection of the inventory during relocation.