When it comes to artificial intelligence, one might paint a picture similar to one that they've seen in a science fiction movie. These pictures might include robots of different shapes and sizes, while self-driving cars and smart homes might also be at the top of one's imagination. Although consumers might find themselves waiting for such artificial intelligence to arrive at the scene, it’s important to mention that these things are already here even if they would cost the average person an arm, a leg and possibly more than just one kidney.
However, artificial intelligence is present all around us even today and it certainly does seem like it is here to stay for good. So, if you’re wondering how AI is still alive around us or how it impacts your life on a daily basis, look no further because this blog is here to shed some light on the matter.

Virtual Assistance
If you think artificial intelligence is not present in your life, then you should certainly be preparing a proper statement as to how exactly your social media, as well as all the shopping sites, are able to prepare a decent amount of products and suggestions that you are likely to be interested in. Websites such as Amazon, rely on algorithms to help bring suggestions that are similar to what you've bought or watched. How does this happen? Artificial Intelligence.

Smart watches
Smartwatches rely heavily on AI. They not only have artificial intelligence transmitters installed in them, but the capability to answer phone calls and reply to text messages among other things is definitely through artificial intelligence alone. Additionally, heart rate sensors and similar things are also proof that artificial intelligence is impacting out lives on the daily.

Smart Homes Are En Route
If you thought technology was about to stop anytime soon, be prepared to stand corrected. Smart homes are already here and allow you to turn off the lights or better yet, the entire alarm system of the house by either talking or by clapping. There's only so much more that is yet to come and smart homes are definitely one of the most pleasant things that AI May have brought to us. Smart cars are still the highlight of anyone's life in this day and age. Many people already have smart homes which enable them to live a life of sheer luxury.

Find Out More about Artificial Intelligence
If you feel that you want to learn more about artificial intelligence that already exists around you, then there’s no better place than the School of AI which was founded by Siraj Raval. Siraj Raval is an AI educator, data scientist, an author as well as a YouTube star, whose mission is enlightening the world about the upcoming technology in several different sectors. In addition to being the founder and director of the school of AI, Siraj is also the founder of a crowdfunding program for developers called Havi. The School of AI’s mission is to educate the world around us about AI.

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