The technological developments in the wood and floor technology have not only provided the homes and offices with new types of woods with distinct textures and designs but they have also brought an absolutely wonderful material into the mainstream of flooring industry. This material is known as the waterproof laminate flooring. There are numerous benefits of the laminate floors and they can be listed as below:

1. The laminate boards are absolutely scratch resistant up to a few mm.
2. The wood of the board is hard and therefore even deep scratches do not affect the natural looks of the wood.
3. These types of flooring do not fade even after repeated cleaning and washing.
4. They are made of hard wood and are covered by hard lamination and therefore they will not dent.
5. They are easy to install as they are symmetrically designed.
6. They are very durable, the damaged boards are easier to replace and the whole flooring can be uprooted and shifted to a new place while maintaining its originality.

Laminate timber flooring has emerged to one of the top most preferences for the modern homes and offices. The color of the timber flooring makes it unique and distinct because no two trees have entirely similar color of wood and one of the best things is that laminate timber flooring will stay fresh and keep on changing color as it grows older.

The next most important thing worth considering is the grade of the wood which is decided by the gum veins and knots etc present on the wood. The select grade wood will have the fewest number of markings while the high grade the most consistent and clear appearance which is suited for the modern setups.

The width of the waterproof laminate flooring depends upon the measurements of the house. There are standard varieties of 11.3mm and 8 mm thick wooden boards. The best manufacturing companies of the waterproof laminate flooring will provide a warranty of as much as 20 to 35 years of residential warranty. The modern engineered wood has uniform size unlike the traditional boards that were to be of different sizes to ensure strength of the flooring.

The laminate timber flooring can be fixed by two different types of nail profiles called the top nails and the secret nail. The top nail profile involves the installation of nails from the top of the boards while the secret nail profile which provides a cleaner finishing involves the installation of nails through the tongues of the board.

The timber flooring can be fixed onto the concrete floor with glue or it can be laid over plywood sub flooring and the type of layout will affect the feel of the flooring.

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