What water fasting is?

Generally, it is believed that when you go for water fasting, then you are only supposed to have water the whole day or during the hours you are observing the fast. No food or even juices are allowed in water fasting. But the term refers and seems to be like water would be prohibited in the fats, which is ultimately a wrong conception. Water fasting means to have water only.

There is a term known as Dry water fasting, and it further has two types, referred to as soft water fasting and hard water fasting. Let us discuss them one by one briefly, as mentioned on a recommended website Fastingplanet.com

Dry water fasting

Dry water fasting is even more challenging than water fasting. You are not supposed to take water as well as food in dry fasting. You cannot afford water fasting if you are above 50, as it requires more patience. During the whole session of fasting, your body is deprived of calories and nutrients, so it can make you feel lazy and weak. Dry fasting is common and frequently observed fast among different religions and hence numerous parts of the world.

After we have acknowledged what dry water fasting is, let's go through its types mentioned in a detailed version on fastingplanet.com.

Soft water fasting

This is the first type of dry water fasting, and in this observation of fast, you can use water besides drinking. You still can't intake water but can take a bath, brush your teeth, and can swim. So it is ot that difficult to not drink water for 24 hours.

Hard water fasting

When you are fasting hard, you can't even come into contact with water. You cannot take a bath or swim. Until the fast is over, you are not supposed to come in contact with water. This might be some superstitious practice popular among people because no religion allows being in a state where you cannot touch the water.

Does water fasting provide any benefit?

During the time we are fasting, we are in a state of hunger. Our body apparently does not get energy, nutrients, and calories. So on one side, it can be a reason for laziness and weakness as well, but on the other side, it is beneficial for most of the causes. Here are discussed few of them. Fastingplant.com gives a proper plan to maintain any up and down when you are fasting.

It activates the immune system

During fasting, our body is deprived of external assistance that does not get energy and calories in the form of food, juices, and nutrition. There are energy packs in our bodies, which generate energy that is Golgi apparatus and mitochondria. These can be called a power bank of the body. When there is no energy to consume for a human body's processes, our body is customized to start eating those energy packs. This process is known as autophagy.

This consumption of power packs is useful for the body in many aspects like it makes you active. That is why, in most religions, fasting is an obligation that must be fulfilled to keep yourself healthy and active.

Controlled blood pressure and sugar level

Fasting keeps you healthy as well as it maintains the body balances. When you take food for two times with a long interval. Your body gets attuned to take nutritive help two times a day. The nutrition you took for the first time, your body consumes the whole day, and after that, you get to have another meal when the fast is over, and the body salts again get balanced. When we keep eating the whole day, our body balances get disturbed. Which is all the more reason why we fact diabetes and blood pressure issues this early.

Where to learn more:
Fastingplanet.com is a site that is contained with a tremendous amount of information on different aspects of fasting. A complete guide about what fasting is and how to cope with any misbalance during fasting is available there. You can further get the information on any aspect regarding fasting on fastinngplanet.com.

Why is dry fasting better than water fasting is a typical question among people. There is a whole argument available on the site. Furthermore, you can have a thorough review of the area, which will prove to be very informative for your knowledge. Fastingplanet.com is a whole complete package for one to have an authentic experience of fasting.

Final thoughts

Fasting is good for health as it does not allows having your stomach treated the whole day. It puts your stomach at ease and works 2 times a day. Fastingplanet.com provides a large number of the population a complete guide regarding fast, no matter what religion one belongs to. Here is no hard and fast restriction over fasting, except for some religions. So you can observe fast whenever you feel at ease without any limitation of time and season.

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