Prostatitis is somewhat a problem that many males have to face.

Doctors state that men experiencing chronic prostatitis could encounter future male infertility if not getting timely and effective therapy. Gestation of offspring is a matter for both males and females, prostatitis will have an influence on male fertility since it affects the quality of sperm.

Sperm and seminal plasma mix to form semen. Sperm are numerous and are living cells present in the testicles’ seminiferous tubules. Doctors point out that seminal plasma is composed of testicular fluid, prostatic fluid, urethral gland fluid, and so on.

When the prostate gland is inflamed, the quality of the prostatic fluid changes, interfering with sperm survival and motility. Therefore, prostatitis can affect sperm health to some extent.

What negative effects does prostatitis have on sperm health?

Impact the survival rate of sperm.

The prostatic fluid secreted by the prostate gland is a component of semen that supplies nutrients to the sperm. In the event that inflammation breaks out, prostatic fluid also contains large amounts of bacteria and bacterial toxins due to the presence of inflammation, which can clean away the nutrient content of seminal plasma and thus affect sperm survival.

Decrease the motility of sperm.

When the prostate appears inflammation, enzyme activity of prostatic fluid will decline, so that the liquefaction time of semen extends, obstructing sperm mobility.

Indirectly wipe out the sperm.

The inflammation of prostate will make the body produce anti-sperm antibodies which can be sperm killing. In addition, bacteria that cause inflammation start to plunder resources in the body , leaving sperm starved of nutrients and unable to survive.

To diagnose and treat chronic prostatitis induced by various reasons with high efficiency, in addition to the use of authoritative technical therapy, many doctors have been keen on taking corresponding psychological adjuvant therapy according to the degree of disease of patients.

Medical experts are able to answer relevant questions online, provide professional and personalized guidance based on the symptoms condition, as well as professional therapy plan, and keep all sufferers' disease information and other private information confidential.

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