In daily life, many men are under the long-term pressure of their own responsibility in their life and the health of their bodies are also put at the risk of many male diseases. In this case, prostatitis is one of the most common disease that bothers many hard-working men who doesn’t take their bodies’ health condition seriously.

Watch out these 5 habits that can put you at high risk of prostatitis that many men tend to ignore.

1.Alcohol and tobacco

Many men love to drink alcohol and smoke tobacco. Especially in those busy and high-pressured days, they are the top selection for pain and stress relieving. However, drinking and smoking too much will certainly disrupt functions of many organs, including the prostate gland.

Research finds that alcohol can stimulate the prostate gland, which is an organ that is very sensitive to it, causing blood flow and resulting in blood congestion. It can cause constant pressure on the prostate gland, leading to acute inflammation. Nicotine which is contained in tobacco can travel through the blood vessel and reach the prostate gland as well, giving it the same effect as alcohol. Thus, getting rid of alcohol and tobacco is essential.

2.Long period of sitting

This habit can be found in many men in offices. It also commonly occurs in men who lack exercise. Not only can it cause obesity, but it also causes the temperature around the genital organ to rise. Blood flow is increased in this small area and eventually creates blood congestion to the prostate gland.

Furthermore, the lack of exercise and sitting still for too long can also affect the body’s immune system ability, circulation and metabolism, making the blood and nutrition cannot be timely supply to the prostate gland.

3.Not urinating timely

Suppressing your urine is definitely harmful to your bladder, kidney and prostate gland. In our life, we all have met situations like this before, such as you couldn’t find the bathroom or couldn’t leave an important meeting.

At this moment, your bladder provides a limited ability to store your urine in your body, but when you suppress it for too long, it may make some urine back flow into your kidney and prostate gland. The toxic elements that are contained in the urine will surely poison the prostate gland. Plus, there are crystalline substances in the urine, which can deposit on it and cause inflammation. So be sure to urinate as soon as possible and do not suppress it for too long.

4.Unhealthy eating taste

The unhealthy eating taste and poor choice of foods can be another factor as well. Foods or dishes that contain too much chilli, oil and salt can affect the function of the stomach and the spleen, causing reduced immunity and repeated inflammation.

For the spicy food that contains a lot of chilli, it affects the prostate gland most. Inflammatory substances brought by the food can not be discharged smoothly, and because spicy substances deposit on the prostate gland, they accelerate the development of some inflammation and stimulate the prostate to congest.

5.Having sex too frequently

Last but not least, many men cannot control their strong desire to have sex because they think they are young and energetic. However, the reality is every time men have sex, their prostate gland will have large amounts of blood flow and congestion. During this time, the virus can enter the prostate gland more easily than usual. Furthermore, the prostate gland will have to work more frequently than usual, causing it to fatigue and become exhausted, making it vulnerable to virus and putting it at the high risk of inflammation.

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