You can watch easily the TV channels and live to broadcast the Sports channels and other visuals. Can explore new channels, Sports, movies and can get VOD’s. These television channels were in full HD and the highest quality visual content. All the videos you can find on this smart TV just from your Smartphone. You can use this on your own Mobile phone with no other requirements.

Thoptv is the most successful application these days for Android smartphones and as well as for PC. One can stream live TV channels, TV shows and even can get Videos on demand. This might be the best choice for you of you wants to watch your favorite movies and can watch live sports. There is a list of the top TV channels from the most part of India and all over the world.


Basically this Thoptv is an Android application that will bring you on the track on smart tv to pocket TV. The app is very simple to use and easy to install on your Android device. Just you can get all your desired videos at a single platform. It can support the Minumum Android operating system Android phones and tablets. Your music videos, Movies, Sports like Cricket and football and your wishing videos in one place.

Find the Stupp of your choice online without spending a single penny. However, it is multi supportable and compatible with most of the machines of the operating system. Check below for, you are willing to get this online tv on your computer.

PC Windows Version:

Not this program as Thoptv is just out here and is available for your PC. Yes on your PC computer you can download and install this at your PC windows. No matters support for all available Window 32 bit and 64 bit on the go. You the way it is the smartest and fruitfull for users to have a great collection. The videos on your wish list and the videos you actually have to watch comes under on roof. In this case, you have to get the exe file of Thoptv software to be able to have installations on your computer.

Key features are including as about the streaming of those TV channels and the videos you can demand from the officials.

Thoptv for Android:

So, you can have made an easy install on your Android and able to run the application right away. Always have the APK file format if you chose this to install on any of your Android devices.

Key Features:

Carry your TV anywhere you want to access more than 5000 TV channels worldwide.

You can turn on the subtitles to watch different language videos and subtitles are also in different languages.

3000 plus from country India.

Play music from all radio channels globally.

Your video songs from around all the music TV channels.

Has a good collection of Movies and always update to give you new movies experience.

Languages are there for you to select your own choice and play

It supports different types of the TV like Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, Smart TV, etc.

Free to Use:

All the features are freely available anytime and can be useable for everyone. Don’t forget to donat some bucks if you like this services, That donation makes them fell more strong and can able to proceed better experience for the user end.


In the end, If you want to watch these all online stuff then you welcome to get it right away. It can use on cross platforms for even more usability. This program is very much appreciatable and fruitfull for millions of users from the entire world.

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