I do not know about you, but every time when I have to wash coffee stained cups I have big problems. I have to rub the mugs long time to achieve a good result. Unfortunately, it is not important how I’m going to wash them. It is even worse if I chose to use dishwashing machine. Because the stains are too stubborn and it is not able to remove them.

Fortunately, I have friends cleaners and they shared with me very useful cleaning tips. Maybe you won’t believe how we are going to clean the cups, but we will use green cleaning product. It is baking soda. You will ask: “how will we clean them?” Well, the cleaning process is not so tough.

Cleaners in Sydney recommend wearing gloves. Yes, usually you are using baking soda for cooking, but if you use it as a cleaner, you have to be careful. There is a chance to burn your skin. After that, you can add one teaspoon baking soda in the cup. And you won’t rub just with it, you can pour one teaspoon of water. As a result you will get something, which looks like a mush. Now, when the cleaning solution is ready rub the cup with a sponge. it is good to repeat the process until the stain is gone.

And stay calm the baking soda won’t scratch the mug. At the end you have to rinse with warm water.

In case the stains are still there, you have to soak the mug with the cleaning solution which you made before. You can leave it for about 24 hours. Then, you should scrub and rinse with hot water.

Most of the people cannot explain themselves how baking soda works. That’s why I will show you its advantages.

1) According to me, the best advantage of baking soda is that it is a very good odour neutraliser.

2) It can remove stubborn stains from sinks, porcelain cups and mugs, fridge, etc.

3) It helps to make the cookies bigger.

Vacate cleaning in Sydney uses it as a main cleaner. Why you do not do the same thing?

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Hello, dear friends. I used to clean everything, so if you have any questions, you can feel free to ask.