First off, who exactly is a warrior woman? What does that mean? For those of you who already know and recognize yourselves, HELLO!!! How’s it going? Are you handling the frustration? I know you can do it!

For those of you who aren’t sure, try a self-check: Are you a woman who is often described as more masculine than feminine? Are you a woman of action? Do you get disgusted with (in your own opinion) the incompetence of others? Do you have a tendency to take charge? Are you independent? Are you a leader? Are others seemingly threatened by your intelligence, ability to articulate or your temper?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, chances are that you are a warrior woman. What this means is that you are a woman who takes action and plays a part in making things happen rather than sitting back and waiting for things to happen to you. Women aren’t socialized to be that way, so you have likely encountered some resistance. You’ve probably been called pushy or even the “b” word. You’re different that what the masses (whoever they are) seem to believe a woman should be. Good. Congratulations. Your time is NOW.

Be yourself. There are ways to express yourself and get ahead in the world being a warrior woman. If this is who you are already, you may as well accept it and use it, woman – use your power! Go into management; find a setting in which you are comfortable; don’t acquiesce; start your own business; head up a local chapter of a volunteer organization that you respect. Whatever you do, apply your energy to your own life goals. You’ll never be happy playing only a support role for somebody else. That’s ok – learn to enlist the support of others in supporting your goals!

Make sure to use your power constructively. Warrior women can have a tendency to be controlling – pull back from directing the actions of others who haven’t asked for assistance or when it isn’t warranted. There’s no need to waste your time and energy micromanaging. Learn to support by setting a strong example. Leadership is built upon respect, which is earned, not legislated.

Stay organized. Set goals for yourself so that you’re continuously moving forward. When your own energy is focused, you’ll have less of a tendency to drift into the realms of other people’s business. Make weekly and daily checklists to provide yourself with a sense of completion and accomplishment … without being married to those lists and maintaining your ability to go with the flow of energy.

Set healthy boundaries. Let people know that you’re not going to take any you-know-what, but leave room to build a positive relationship. When that isn’t possible, move on. Attempting to appease everyone will just exhaust you and produce nothing. Know when to let go – process these things daily and you’ll soon be able to recognize your own patterns very early.

Allow yourself to vent. If you’re lucky, you have friends who are either warrior women or individuals (men or women) who are not threatened by a warrior woman venting. You’ll easily be able to tell who can handle your intensity. Sometimes you’ll get angry and sometimes others will feel uncomfortable around your anger. You aren’t responsible for their reactions. As long as you are handling yourself well and not harming anyone, vent. It is healthy.

Familiarize yourself with what helps you relax. When you’re finished venting, you need to come down off that adrenalin rush. Music, exercise, meditation, yoga, sports, television – whatever works for you, do it. If you don’t know what works or if the things that used to work don’t anymore, explore! You’re a powerful woman! You have the capacity to get to know yourself better – go to it!

Eat properly. Pay attention to how your body feels, what your emotional states are, and how you feel spiritually. These three factors need to be integrated, and proper nutrition plays a core role in that integration. If you’re unfamiliar with your body’s nutritional needs, study up or see a nutritionist.

Know yourself spiritually. In order to balance your power physically and emotionally, intellectually, you need a solid spirituality. By spirituality, I mean the condition of the human spirit. What gives you that “at home” feeling. Whatever works for you is your business. Just learn what it is and expand upon it. Even if you need to create it for yourself, get to it. Nobody can take it away from you.

Take the time to rest. Quality down time to the best of your ability, whether it's a break during the day, a retreat quarterly, both, or something inbetween. Time to recharge those well-worn batteries is essential!

Lastly, don’t be afraid to be yourself. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable others will be around you. Warrior women are now taking their places in the world…not waiting for it to be handed over, but actively taking part in creating new roles in new ways. What are you going to do?

Miracles and blessings!

T. Renee Richardson

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Born with 3rd eye open - seeing auras, spirits, energy patterns
DD, Metaphysics
BA, Psychology
Intuitive Reiki Master
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