Once in a while, we come across people who use manipulation to get what they want. These people can be our teachers, our friends and even someone whom we are in a relationship with. As much as we would want to avoid these people, we can’t. However, there are warning signs of manipulative behavior that can tip you off.

Below are some of the signals you have to watch out for. The warning signs of manipulative behavior are as follows:

1) Changing Topics

Isn’t it funny how determined some people are to change the topic when it is their behavior that is put on the spotlight? One of the warning signs of manipulative behavior is when a person who is accused of wrongdoing shifts the conversation into something else.

Usually, the person makes himself out to be the victim and speaks about the number of times he has been maligned. I suppose what’s even funnier is that the people who claim that they’re not being manipulative at all are actually the ones who often exhibit this type of behavior.

2) Using Guilt

Another one of the warning signs of manipulative behavior is when the person makes you feel guilty all the time. It could be your boss telling you that, “if you value your job, you would work overtime this week.” Oh, if people had a penny for every time their bosses told them that.

The secret here is to not let the guilt take over the situation. Simply tell your boss that you love your job but that you won’t be able to work overtime. Don’t stretch the conversation out any more than you have to.

3) Blaming it On Others

When a manipulative person is once again the center of attention for something negative, he will immediately play the blame game to keep his name untarnished.

In children, this can be easily corrected. In adults, however, this can be quite frustrating. When you find yourself trapped in such a situation, resist the urge to blame the person back. This will only cause both of you unrest and will only serve to increase the negativity of the situation. Instead, keep your cool and deal with the situation logically. If you can’t do that, it’s better to walk away.

It’s quite easy to spot these warning signs of manipulative behavior in other people. However, you might not always be as innocent as you think. Sometimes, manipulation begets manipulation; so don’t get caught up in the process.

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