Upgrading switchboard is one of the safety precautions that we must take, which we often overlook. After you notice any flickering lights or tripping fuses, you know these are the warning signs that justify the need for your switchboard upgrade in Perth. Its better you pay attention to early warning signs before it hampers the safety of your family or friends, which are as follows:

Your switchboard is overcrowded and there is no room left – Switchboards are usually located beside your meter box or on your home side. If you see that your switchboard is overcrowded and there is no room left, you cannot add any more circuits for solar, air conditioning, and pool pumps. Also, you must avoid overloading existing circuits as it is considered a safety hazard.

Your electrical appliances trip the circuit – Old switchboards are prone to short circuits as they are not power efficient at all. Also, there are many advanced electric gadgets that overload the circuits. So, you need to upgrade your switchboards in terms of opting for modern switchboard installation in Perth that can accommodate the latest appliances. Otherwise, it can lead to short circuits, which can generate electrical fires. 

Flickering lights – There are several causes of flickering lights such as loose wires or bulbs or an overloaded switchboard. It can also cause due to change in power supply. It is not only annoying; it is also very much risky. Make sure you hire a licensed electric worker to check your switchboards and lights.

Ceramic fuses – Ceramic fuses are traditional technology that offers you limited protection from electrical accidents. If they are providing you service for a long time, the chance of faults or occurrence of electrical fires also increases. It only provides strong protection against short-circuiting and overloading but not against electrical shocks. 

A burning smell – When you see that a burning smell is coming out from your switchboard, you must seek the immediate assistance of expert electricians for your electrical switchboard upgrade in Perth. This mainly happens due to the overloading of faulty wiring or circuits in your switchboard.

Sparks – If you see sparks in your switchboard it indicates that something is wrong and to get rid of the issue, you must seek the immediate assistance of an electrician. You need to pay strong attention to it as it is a very risky issue.

Blackened or melted fuses – This is a sign that you have an old or damaged fuse, which you need to replace as soon as possible. Using a damaged fuse is very dangerous and it needs assistance from expert electricians. 

Hope, you came to know of the warning signs that say you must upgrade your switchboard. If you find the content useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends, and give thumbs up!

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The author is a popular electrician who is mainly known for switchboard installation in Perth, and is an avid blogger.