Five Foods to avoid now and any time you need to be “on”!

There is a lot of focus on food and drink during this season… we are shown how to make it, how to serve it and how to make “healthy” versions of our favorites. Holiday foods are traditional, comforting and all-out yummy. They are hard to resist, but if you are presenting or speaking on camera, the holiday foods could sabotage your performance! Even if they are the “healthy” version.

Whether you are full speed with Holiday networking at parties or taking it easy this season, the following foods are ones that I have on a “caution list” for my clients if they are preparing for an appearance on-camera or public speaking… So, you may want to keep this list for the New Year!

• Dairy: cheeses and other milk products can produce mucus which can present itself as the need to clear your throat and weaken your voice.

• Fat: Fried or high-fat foods like pizza, hamburgers, or fries can leave you feeling sluggish. Since good energy is so important to your on-camera presence, why make it difficult to get yours up? PLUS, they can cause bloating, and that just doesn’t help you to feel attractive. A better meal before you go on camera or make a presentation: lean protein and veggies. A chicken salad or even cottage cheese and crudités will serve you well.

• Sweet stuff: Chocolate included…Sorry! Sugar can actually dry the throat, PLUS as an after-effect you can have a drop in blood sugar that can cause tiredness and difficulty in concentrating. If you are prone to nerves before going “on,” sugar can actually make you feel worse.

• Caffeine: I know, I know… you think a cup of coffee won’t bother you, but I seriously can tell when someone is sensitive to caffeine and they try to sneak a cup before a session with me. There is a brain “short-circuit” effect many times where memory can be affected. You sure wouldn’t want to take a chance on missing a key point, so why chance it?

• Alcohol: Just not a good idea in any amount. Impaired judgment, lack of concentration and poor balance can surface with even one drink even if you think you can’t feel it.

These foods can be hidden culprits in performance or memory problems. Many people would not think to connect the food they ate at lunch with their scratchy throat or forgetfulness. Being aware of how to feed your body and brain properly before you appear on camera or in front of an audience allows you to access a higher level of confidence. Now all the work and training you have done can show with ease when you seize the opportunity to blast your brand and showcase your business.

Author's Bio: 

Sandra Dee Robinson is an actor (including major roles on Another World, Sunset Beach, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, guest star on Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, Secret Life of an American Teenager and TV movies), TV host and product spokesperson. She founded Charisma on Camera media training studio and currently assists authors, life coaches, politicians, actors, and business professionals who want to build their star qualities and confidence in the telling of their message or they are preparing to establish themselves as an expert guest, or even host their own show.