Wood is an excellent and ecological source of heat in the cottage. In addition to sauna, wood burns well in the fireplace. The new half heat reserved fireplaces are well suited for use in the cottage, as they warm up quickly, retain the heat and look stylish (see, for example, the collections of Uunisepät).

Finns love their cottages. The cottage is the summer home and the place for spending long holidays. It is the place for escape and relax, getaway from the city and place to be without restrictions from the social pressure. Nowadays is getting more common to visit the cottage at winter times also; however, most cottages have been furnished only to be summer homes, and the vital elements like heating are missing from the cottages.

Choosing the right fireplace to the cottage has not been easy. Options have been mainly restricted to two possibilities: either stove type of fireplace or heat reserved fireplace. Both options have their pros and cons. The stove type of fireplace provides the heat almost instantly and cold cottage warms up quickly. Heat maintaining is however poor, unless the fire is kept all the times in the fireplace. Reserved fireplace maintain the heat, but a big mass of the fireplace must be heated slowly and carefully in order to avoid cracking, so for the fast and short-term heating the reserved fireplace is not suitable.

There is a need for fireplaces suitable for the demands of cottage heating and this has been noticed by fireplace manufacturers. New half reserved fireplaces have been introduced to market lately. They give heat quickly, such as light stove type fireplaces, but also reserve the warmth of the fireplace like true reserved fireplaces. This type of fireplace is suitable for cottage heating, which typically is during autumn to spring times and only on weekends.

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