The trend of having closet rooms with special or custom made wardrobes is taking the world by storm. The basic idea behind such closets cum wardrobe is to maximise the storage space judiciously. When it comes to designing your dream wardrobe, certain things need to be considered and rules that must be abided by. Have a look at these smart tips that might prove to be quite useful in creating a functional wardrobe space.

Be adept with the calculation:

Be very specific as the number and amount of substances that you need to place in your dream wardrobe. There are a lot of options of custom-built wardrobes in North Brisbane which aim at maximising your clothing space. There needs to be dedicated space for the storage of your jackets, sweaters, daily wear, party dresses or blazers, so talking measurements will help go about the design in a definite manner. These calculations will have a direct impact on the amount of space needed for hanging, shelving and measurements. 

Customise the storage shelves:

You can save a considerable amount of space by keeping the clothes in a folded position. You don't need to keep all your clothing in a hanging position. Seek guidance from professional wardrobe builders in North Brisbane and construct drawers wherever possible. The drawers can be used for conveniently keeping your undergarments and accessories. 

Consider seasonal storage design:

There are a majority of clothes that you do not need all the year round so act wise and consult a custom wardrobes maker in North Brisbane in building a wardrobe that has provisions for seasonal storage. We normally need a lot of clothes and accessories during the winter months which end up taking a lot of space so it is not wise to keep them in your closet all year round. So build a master closet for keeping kinds of stuff you use all the year-round, secondary storage space for seasonal wear and the smallest storage area for occasional wear.

Pro tip: Adjust your shoe storage in the master storage space as an entirety.

Create a provision for sharing:

Since you might not have the entire wardrobe for yourself and might have to share it with your siblings or spouse, the experienced wardrobe designer in North Brisbane makes it a point to divide the space such that there are no chances of future arguments and quarrelling over spacing issues!

Pro tip: Women tend to take more space than men in regards to keeping their accessories, shoes and clothes, so plan the wardrobe such that your female partner gets a bigger share than you! This will keep the male partners in a peaceful condition!

The best part about having a dedicated storage space for your wardrobe is that they give you provision for creating and organising your assets in a sophisticated manner. Hence, opting for custom build wardrobe makers will be a fruitful choice as they get the wardrobe designed based on your choices and preferences. Look out for their portfolio and expertise, if all seems well then show them a green flag!

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