Using the Universal Law of Attraction to attract what you want in life all comes down to the same principle: you need to focus your attention on the thing you want with the strongest emotion. However, focusing and trusting your internal guidance system to do the right thing in order to manifest what you want demands a certain amount of action on your part.

For example, it’s fine to focus on losing weight and focusing your thoughts and emotions on wanting to attract a thinner, more beautiful body.

You also need to be open to the things that those thoughts and emotions attract. Maybe your thoughts attract a special gym membership offer or lead you to a new program like Zumba dancing.

These things you’re attracting are things that can bring you that thinner, more beautiful body, but you also need to do something with the things you are attracting.

You need to join the gym and use it or you need to begin a daily Zumba routine.

Being open to the tools or opportunities you attract into your life through deliberate thoughts and emotional energy will enable you to manifest what you want out of life when you embrace and engage in the activities you know to be right and in harmony with what you want.

Learning to trust your internal guidance system is a part of being able to fully apply the Universal Law of Attraction. When you attract certain things or opportunities in your life, you generally have a gut feeling about them. Somewhere deep down taking part in certain activities feels right.

Maybe a different activity you have attracted into your life doesn’t feel right to you. Think about the things you are attracting and assess them using your IGS. Engage with those things that feel good. These are most likely the activities in closest harmony with your body and with the thing you want to manifest.

Don’t be misled into thinking that using the Universal Law of Attraction is something that happens without practice. There is the practice of learning to meditate, visualize, and discipline your thoughts.

Just as with anything you want to do well in life, be it sports, music, career, or even medicine, for example, you have to practice continually to make whatever it is you're doing come out right. The Universal Law of Attraction works the same way. You need to practice.

There is the practice of examining the things you are attracting into your life and evaluating them, and there is the practice of engaging in activities that move you closer to manifesting what you want in life. This is a joyous practice, a deliberate practice of choosing to be happy.

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Sharon Ballantine has offered coaching and mentoring to help improve people’s lives since 2007, when she was certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach from Quantum Success Coaching Academy. In 2011, she graduated from The Four Winds Society –Light Body School of Energy Medicine, founded by Alberto Villoldo PhD. To learn more about Ballantine and how she can help you to achieve your magical life please visit