What if I could show you a clear roadmap toaffiliate riches in 6 simple steps - would YOUbe excited?

If you are ready to put in some efforts,patience, passion, persistency and determination,I guarantee your success.

Follow these 6 simple steps to create multiplestreams of autopilot income. All the best...

STEP 1 -> Research Your Theme

Write down all topics which you are really interestedin. You might have a great passion for golf. Or youmight be master at cooking delicious dishes.

Here are some themes to get your creative juicesflowing. Check them out...

Health and fitness, Skin Care, Romance, Software design,Travelling, Web Designing, Scripting, Food, Recipes,Pet Care, Relationships, Internet Business, Books,Some Profession, Medicines, Auto Parts, Weight Loss,Coaching, Teaching, Cooking, Computers, Dating, Designing,Nursing, Your Job, Some Appliances, Some business products,Parenting, Electronics, Mechanics, Finance, Stock Market,Broker or Agent, etc.

Life will be extremely easy to create and promote a site around a theme you really love.

Step 2 -> Check Demand & Competition

Once you have chosen your favourite themes nowit is the time to choose the best. How can you do this?

Check out demand and competition for all the themes thatyou have chosen.

to check out demand for each and every theme of yourinterest.

Type each and every theme into the text box. Itwill show you how many people searched for thattheme last month on overture.

to check out competition for each and every theme.

Search for your theme and google will show youhow many sites are listed for that particular theme.For example: When you search for theme 'internet marketing'you will see 'Results 1-10 of about 11,100,000'.

This means that 11,100,000 websites are competingfor the theme 'internet marketing'.

Now you have to find out the theme which hasmore demand and less competition. How will youdo it?

Once you know demand and competition for all the themes,apply formula 'Competition/Demand' to check profitabilityof the theme . Lower the result of the formula...better is the profitability of the theme.

Choose the theme which has received the lowest result.This is probably the best theme, around which you cancreate a profitable site.

But also check that there is enough demand for thetheme, for your site to be profitable. If not, jumpon to another theme with the second lowest result.

Step 3 -> Research Topics To Build Content

NOW put your most profitable theme at...inventory.overture.com

You will see number of similar topics (keywords)around your theme.

Search for each and every keyword atwww.google.comand try to get enough knowledge so that you canwrite a single page for each keyword or topic.

Research and note down site names and someshort notes for future reference. This willhelp you to create content for each and everytopic of your site.

Step 4 -> Research Affiliate Programs

Now hunt for affiliate programs around eachand every topic that you have researched in step 3.

Check out following affiliate directories...

and affiliate networks...

to hunt for affiliate programs related toyour topic. Read 'Terms and Conditions' ofeach affiliate program thoroughly beforesigning up.

Step 5 -> Create A Site

Create a content rich website aroundyour theme and topics.

You can get FREE website templates at...www.freewebtemplates.com

You need some html skills to tweak thesetemplates. You can learn html at...www.htmlgoodies.com

You can also get 13 FREE website designvideos at my site to learn everything youneed to know to design a complete website.

Navigation of your site should be as follows:

Layer 1: Create a homepage with maximum 7 to 10links pointing to different pages.

Layer 2: Now each of these pages should containlinks to each of the topics you researched in Step 3.

Layer 3: Now each of these targeted topic pagesshould contain valuable content relating to yourtopic. These pages should contain links to youraffiliate programs which flows smoothly throughyour text... which will in turn make you money.

This navigation structure will help search enginesto index your web pages much more faster.

Step 6 -> Drive Truckloads Of Targeted Traffic

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Search Engines ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I will give you some extremelyvaluable resource which will explain you thistopic much more effectively than I can.

This site will show you howto construct your webpages and submitthem to hundreds of search engines anddirectories absolutely FREE.

This site will teach you everythingyou need to know related to search engines.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Exchange Links ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Exchanging links will help you in two ways...

1. Get your site top rankings in search engines which will get you truckloads of traffic.

2. Attract targeted traffic from your link partners.

Doing it all by yourself is a tiresome job.Download 'Zeus' absolutely FREE by visiting...www.cyber-robotics.com

'Zeus' will help you to find and contact linkpartners quickly and easily saving you lotsof time.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Write Articles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After you have researched and created a content rich website you will have enough knowledge related to your theme.

Write a simple but valuable article related toyour theme. Put a resource box at the bottom ofyour article which includes a small ad and a link toyour website.

You can consider this article as an example.It is really simple to write one. Isn't it?

Search for some ezine directories and ezinesat google.com and submit your article to them. If yourarticle gets accepted you will get truckloads oftargeted traffic instantly.

You can also get a list of hundreds of ezines at...www.directoryofezines.comto submit articles.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow Up ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Collect email address of your visitors at yoursite by offering them some FREE gifts or some e-course.

Then send them weekly newsletters or some weekly tips.This will attract them towards your site again and again.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pay Per Click ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After you make some income using the above FREEpromotion methods, start advertising in pay per clicksearch engines.

Some of the top pay per click search engines are...

Keep tweaking your ads and bids until you getbest response and conversion rates.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ezine Advertising ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You can place 5-7 line ads in ezines for around $10 to $50. These low cost ads will drive hoards of targeted traffic to your sitein a short time if your ad is eye catching.

Try out different ads until you get one which pullsin best response. Then use this ad in a number ofezines to pull in big profits.

to get a list of ezines where you can placesuch ads.


Just follow these 6 simple steps and you areon your way to affiliate riches.

NOW pull up your sleeves and get down to work.

Just imagine... having a site up and making atleast $1000 with this system in just 2 months.

You could easily create 6 sites withina year, making a passive income of $6000.

I wish you all the very best. Until nexttime... a well wisher and a caring friend...Murtuza.

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