If we see the current market of cryptocurrency, then you will come to know about the number of crypto coins, and those potential trading platforms, where trading, buying, and selling of these coins is possible. One such platform is the Prime XBT exchange.
Till now, you all have been familiar with the top exchanges like Binance, Kraken, Gemini, Bittrex, Poloniex, and various others. But you might not be so familiar with the latter exchange.

Cryptocurrency has become a popular topic today. Just like people are intrigued to know about how to buy Bitcoin in India, their interests have also drawn towards the exchanges on which they are being traded. Previously, there have been some wrong conceptions about the dominant cryptocurrency, you know to whom I am pointing.

But slowly people came to know about it. If you read on blogs on the Cryptoknowmics site, then you will come to know about the public figures that changed their mind on Bitcoin. It all happened when they experienced its importance with use.

Well, let us get back to our main topic which is based on Prime XBT exchange. As mentioned above, you might not be knowing much about this exchange, even being a crypto enthusiast. But let me tell you, there is nothing to feel ignorant of this fact because it is a new addition to the crypto world.

This online trading exchange comprises a variety of assets including cryptocurrencies. So let us delve in to explore more about it, by beginning with the introduction.

A Brief Introduction About Prime XBT

When it comes to defining this exchange, then we can say that it is a platform that comprises multiple assets including cryptocurrencies for trading. It is best in terms of utility and other exciting options of leverage. The fees in the Prime XBT exchange platform are competitive.


Before finalizing your move to trade on any cryptocurrency exchange, it is better to be familiar with its pros and cons. So let me begin with the advantages and see what benefits Prime XBT exchange offers to its customers. First of all, it will convince you with its variety of assets and leverage crypto options that are beneficial for traders.


What makes you think about the term ‘leverage’? Well, if confused, then no issues. Leverage, in the context of trading of assets and finance, indicates when a person intending to accelerate its trading status on a particular trade, takes money from a particular platform. It can either lead to incurring gains or serious losses.

Ensures Safety

Security is a very serious issue among the people, and it is indeed to be, especially if you venture into crypto trading. One of the main crucial factors here is volatility, which means prices can at any time accelerate or drag down.

But other than that, the crypto industry has been victim to scams and hacking. So it seems natural to ensure security at a high level whenever you venture out for trading on any crypto exchange.

So now it is natural that you will be concerned to know whether Prime XBT assures you with security matters. In that case, you need to drop your worries, as this new exchange does have a special security provision, in the form of AWS. It is much useful in the smooth functioning of trading. This indeed will make you ensure high security.

Easier In Terms Of Utility

Unlike other exchanges, where users have to go through some complicated formalities including registrations and complex charts, Prime XBT is much easier when it comes to utility. If it is defined in one sentence, then it is a user-friendly platform.

Open For Trading (Both Fiat & Crypto)

Another advantage of Prime XBT exchange is its acceptance to regular payment cards, which are your credit cards and debit cards. You can also trade for government-owned currencies for cryptocurrency. You can also make deposits in fiat.

It is indeed a good deal. It has been noticed that whenever you go to deposit government-owned money or refer for trading in crypto or fiat on the exchange, many legal and technical issues come in between.

In most of the exchanges, it becomes much impossible in depositing fiat money or getting limited to trading in only cryptocurrencies.


Prime XBT might be claiming itself as a multi-asset trading platform, but when it comes to exploring, it emphasizes few top-notch cryptocurrencies including the dominant crypto, Bitcoin, the second-most popular, Ethereum, and other three. If you are a resident of Canada or the United States, then sorry to disappoint you the Prime XBT exchange is not for your use.


After getting to know the brief facts about Prime XBT exchange, now one question that pops up in mind is whether it makes a good choice in considering it for trading or not? So up to some extent, I would favor it. The reason for it is it is being a multi-asset platform including cryptocurrencies.

Also, you won’t find any complexities in its interface or say using it. Prime XBT is much easier or user-friendly. Other than advantages, there are big disadvantages which can put you off. You can search for more interesting topics including Bitcoin Latinum on the Cryptoknowmics.

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