Virtual Private Network is a famous internet security network. This includes Internet Hotspot and Broadband. VPN is the secured solution to have a wider internet connection that allows users to receive and send data, maintaining complete privacy.

#What do VPNs allow users to do?
• Acts as a block against the censorship forms.
• Hides what the users are browsing on the internet from others like the third parties.
• Pretend to be at any other location to access streaming services.
• Use of public Hotspot and Wi-fi in a secured and safe way.
• To download files and documents safely and securely.
• It also hides your IP address to keep it safe and private.
If someone needs to use VPN he/she has to sign up for a VPN service. Users may have to download some special software named VPN client or VPN app.

#Types of users who need VPN programs:
1. Students & Workers - These types of individuals are more at risk of their data being accessed while using public Wi-Fi. Hackers can easily steal their private info, documents, business data, and research assignments. To keep their data secured companies and offices provide their workers and students VPNs.
2. Downloaders - They are at high risk because they download from a site that they didn't know whether it is safe or not. At this time VPNs help them by encrypting their IP addresses, keeping them traceable.
3. Travellers - Because of language barriers, differences in the time use of the Internet abroad is sometimes frustrating. During travelling rather than using an unfamiliar network, the use of VPN allows the user to access a website in a particular language and speed the user is accustomed to.
4. Businesses - VPN programs help a business to keep its data private and secure. Websites use these programs to prevent software damage and ensure speed in webpage loading.

# Why use VPN?
• Privacy: The VPN ensures the privacy of the data and other information of the user. It hides their important info from being revealed while performing any online activities.
• Sharing Files: A VPN provides complete security while sharing any files or documents by shielding the user's actual IP address. Which helps the users from being hacked.
• Public Wi-Fi Protection: VPN protects the user while using public Wi-Fi as the data is encrypted securely.

Here is the list of the best VPN programs you may consider with the best features of each of them highlighted.

• Express VPN - It is one of the fastest VPNs in the market you can have. It fastens the speed for streaming and torrenting. You can use this VPN on any device like a phone, tablet, laptop, router. It is a user-friendly and reliable app.
• Cyber Ghost - It helps to easily access Netflix and any other popular sites. It has lots of security features. It has 5700+ servers in 90 countries over the world.
• Buffered - It has unlimited bandwidth and servers available. It allows up to 5 connections for any device simultaneously. Avails 24/7 customer service through emails or live chats.
VPN is an amazing tool to keep your data safe, secure, and private. But sometimes it is difficult to find the best VPN program.

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- VPN programs help a business to keep its data private and secure. Websites use these programs to prevent software damage and ensure speed in webpage loading.