Before you take a practical driving test, it needs a lot of practice involving months of preparation which will be exciting as well as nerve-wracking. No matter how much you prepare, the pressure of passing the test will be there. The unknown obstacles, different road situations and the expectation to better than other learners make the learners nervous. Here are 5 essential driving habits that you must follow to perform better in test and pass it at the first attempt.


  • Keep checking the blind spot: Blindspot is the area that driver can't see due to the design and make of the car. Moreover, the left and right mirror sometimes can't cover the areas that need attention during driving. Well, to stay aware of the car's surrounding, the L plate driver's need to keep checking the blind spots and keep an account of below-mentioned factors-


  • Joining the traffic stream
  • Merging
  • Turning
  • Leaving and returning the kerb
  • Parking turns
  • Diverging


  • Don't forget to use the seat belt: When you get behind the wheels, it is mandatory to wear the seatbelts as soon as you’re done with your driving lessons in Burwood East. The security is provided not only to prevent fatal injuries during accidents, but it also comes under the law requirement. Failure to do so is a punishable offence in Australian states, where the driver might have to pay up to $1300 along with the loss of 6 demerit points.


  • Use indicators wisely: Indicators warns other road users about the where and how to maneuver their cars. This provides other road users with the indication about where to establish in appropriate condition. Use of indicators is must when there is merging lanes, u-turns and roundabout.


L platers must cancel the use of indicators, as soon as they are done with maneuvering. The failure to cancel the indicator can also put the driver in a dangerous situation, which is also considered as a failed item.


  • Maintain the speed limit: Obeying a speed limit is one of the most obvious things that L platers are taught at driving schools in Carlton. In order to be competitive with the speed limit, the driver must travel with 20km/h within the applicable speed limit that is consistent with the prevailing conditions.


However, there are numerous fail items come up while demonstrating speed related competencies. For example, exceeding the posted speed limit, failing to manage the speed while responding to the hazards that requires trainer’s intervention during the test.


  • 3-second distance maintenance: Rear end collision type is the most common type accidents in Australian road. So, make a habit of maintaining 3-second distance from the

vehicle travelling ahead, which will help you to maintain speed. It provides vehicles with enough space to a avoid collision. Maintaining a speed that makes easy to keep a distance from the car ahead is a matter of safety.


Apart from these 5 conditions, the L platers should obey the traffic signs, run a proper scanning of surrounding using the mirrors. It helps the learner drivers to anticipate the situation better, and they can respond to those situations accordingly.

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The author is a driving instructor offering the most extensive Driving Lessons at training schools from Burwood East and Carlton. If you want to acquire your licence, the author certainly the one to help you with it.