“Want to Know Some Weird Tips About a Healthy Body?”
• 1. Me: “I’m a certified skeptic with a Master’s in Sarcasm cynicism & Contrarianism. But some weird stuff really…”

• 2. You: “I don’t gotta believe it, right? OK.”

• 3. Me: “My kids screamed bloody murder before getting an injection at the doctor. Solution: tell ‘em to cough out-loud simultaneously with the needle penetrating, and guess what? No Pain at all. It’s a masking effect.”

• 4. You: “I can use that one for my kids.”

• 5. Me: “Tomorrow you have to give a talk or take an exam. Read your digest of the information just BEFORE falling asleep. And do it out-loud. It’s called ‘hypnagogic’.

• Memory consolidation occurs while we sleep. See: University of Idaho. What is practiced just before sleep,
is encoded as long-term memory. It’s science. You Ace the speech or exam. Yes, really.”

• 6. You: “Gotta try that one and teach my kids.”

• 7. Me: “Adults & kids get real scared before a ‘date’ or meeting new people. Sometimes their heart starts to gallop (rapid-heartbeat) from anxiety.

Solution: Blow on your dominant thumb. Bring it close to your mouth like licking a lollipop, and b-l-o-w with a deep diaphragmatic breath on the upper digit. Slows heartbeat to normal.

Remember the name, Vagus Nerve. It control your heartbeats. Too fast is called Tachycardia. Too slow is called Bradycardia. Below 60 beats per minute.
See: University of Pittsburgh researchers.

• 8. You: “I’d try it for a heart attack. Can’t hurt.”

• 9. Me: “Last one. You or the kids got a bad toothache. It’s Sunday & no dentist. Go to the freeze & grab some ice cubes.

• Place ice in baggie and on the V-shaped web between the thumb & index finger of the dominant hand. It’s another example of an inhibiting masking effect. Toothache gone.

• Take-away. Whatever skills you learn, and knowledge you add to your long-term memory, has permanent value. It reduces by up to 50% your risk of Alz Disease.

• Scientists call it ‘Cognitive Reserve’. It blocks different forms of dementia so you live out your Senior years in good health. Self-improvement is not to show-off, but for mental health.
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Copyright© 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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