Have you ever wondered why some people seem to live a charmed life? I’m referring to those individuals who appear to have magical powers to attract things and circumstances they want into their lives.

This ‘magic’ power can be attributed to their daily habits. These individuals get what they want and become the person they desire to be as the result of the choices and actions they take. They simply create winning rituals which is basically a routine comprised of good and supportive habits.

It’s been said that habits determine our destiny. The most exciting news is that if you want to change your future, you have to learn how to change habits and make new choices by changing your behavior.

Most people intimately know their bad habits. But what about your good habits? How do you develop habits to support you? The following three tips will jumpstart the process of how to change habits. The following tips are simple and therein lies the beauty of them.

Tip #1: Become aware of the behaviors you have that don’t serve you. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. This is easy for most people as they can quickly pinpoint their bad habits. Simply make a list of three habits you have and want replace.

Tip #2: Next, brainstorm what would be the opposite of your bad habit? If you could develop a new empowering habit, what would it look like? Most things that have the ability to positively impact your life are simple. Once you make a list of the opposite of your bad habits, the heavy lifting is almost done.

Tip #3. Thirdly, choose just one bad habit for now to work on. You’re going to choose just one so you can apply laser focus. It’s time to create your new and empowering habit by taking consistent action each day for the next 30 days to replace this bad habit. To make the most impact, be sure to keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate things. You want to be able to build up your new habit development muscles.

At first, it will be an effort. Eventually, it will become routine. Anything that is worthwhile usually is not easy. But look at the returns you’ll get. A magical lifestyle! As you gain success in implementing this new good habit, don’t forget to celebrate your small wins. It’s these small wins that will motivate you to work on developing new and empowering habits. After all, habits contribute to your personal success in creating an exciting future and a life you love.

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