As I change my business focus in 2011 I'm going through a check-list process of the most important factors to success. Which ones do you need to work on?

Generating Leads: Do you have a system in place to bring in new clients? Do you have a give away, run seminars, write articles, use Facebook and other social media, get free media publicity etc?

Converting Leads to Sales: Do you have a consistent and proactive follow up system in place for generating sales from your leads? Examples are a newsletter, telesales or other sales staff, live events, information products and compelling marketing materials?

Joint Ventures and Alliances: Do you have a plan in place to attract joint venture partners such as co-hosting live or virtual events, contributing articles to newsletters and web sites, offering affiliate sales commissions, or cross promotions of products?

Multiple income streams: Do you rely on one source of income or do you have multiple layers from lower priced products or membership income, to high end clients you provide one on one advice and services to?

Is your business automated? Do you have a system in place so you can go on holiday and the business does not stop in your absence? Automated email systems, a shopping cart and distribution system can make taking a break much easier.

Servicing clients: Do you have a system in place for engaging existing clients and encouraging them to buy again and spend more time and money with you. Getting an existing client to spend more is easier than getting a new client.

Support staff: Do you have a team of people who you can delegate and sub contact to? Is this team made up of key-driver people who you can trust to get the job done to your level of satisfaction without a lot of supervision?

Are you an influencer? Are you blazing your own trail by offering new solutions and unique products and services? Become the "go to" person for your industry and your business will blossom.

Vision and mission: Do you know what you want to achieve in your business and why? Your vision and mission should drive you to get out of bed - especially knowing "why".

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Sue Papadoulis is Australia's leading specialist in helping small businesses generate free publicity. A former journalist and radio news editor, she is the founder of the Sue Papadoulis Publicity Campaign which provides step by step advice and templates to show you how to score free media coverage on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online. Access Sue's special video (valued at $279) How to Generate Free Publicity for Your Business free at