In day-to-day life, events are a common occurrence. Taking pictures and posting them on social media accounts is a habit that people of all ages have developed in the recent years. Thus, hiring a photo booth for events has become quite popular. If you are planning for a cooperative or personal event and looking for a suitable photo booth, we are more than happy to help you.

1. Get the benefit of networking

Photo booths are considered as one of the best options to start communication. Usually, corporate events are organised in a way to give the guests the feel of a formal family gathering and photo booths are the best medium to do so.

Photos create a relationship between people who are seeing each other for the first time and can create a common memory for them to talk in their next meeting.


Not just for the commercial or corporate event, the photo booth is quite popular in family functions too. They are a great way to create memories and bring the family closer. Giving a positive environment, these arrangements play a great role in mending sour relations.

2. Marketing strategy

Especially for corporates, a photo booth can be quite beneficial. If you want to advertise your product or launch a new or a series of new products then the best way to entertain your guests as well as popularise your product is to install a photo booth of a similar theme. 

Talking about installation, if you are thinking of a
photo booth hire for your event, then contact us. We provide unlimited photo booths in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire and London.

3. A great memory

It will be an eternal memory for you. After some years, you might not remember people whom you saw at that function, but the event in which you posed for the picture will always be fresh.

Facilities provided in photo booths -

1. Instant prints

2. Choice of backgrounds / backdrop

3. Red carpet and Hollywood poles

4. Personalised pictures

5. Unlimited use

6. 10 sec video messaging

7. USB stick with all the photos

8. Guest book

9. Online gallery 

10. Social media sharing


4. Perfect choice for large events

The booths are the best way to add an extra touch of enjoyment to your grand family events like birthday bash, weddings or other ceremonies. It assures quality photos that do not miss out any family member.

5. Keeps the guests engaged and your function memorable

For many people, going to a function is not a great option because they can’t make friends and eventually feel alienated and bored. Installing a photo booth can be a great help for them. Allowing them to extend their boundaries, a photo booth will give a great lifetime experience.


Photo booth not only provides entertainment, but it is also the best way to save on corporate budget.

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