It is the age of mirrors and HD cameras that pamper people who love to take selfies. It feels bad when you discover peach fuzz that can make anyone anxious and depressed about their look. So, what it is actually and how it can be reduced leaving the face prepared for a glam touch.


Women know how it feels to have downy hair on their face, which is as noticeable as well as troublesome. Peach fuzz is the facial hair down the chin line. However, some people are hairier than others, and we all have a different amount of thickness of facial and body hair. Even if women look having smooth hairless skin, they are not! It’s all happens due to the variation in hair thickness.


However, it is remembered that peach fuzz isn’t the same as the beard of a man, and it is called vellus hair, which is comparatively lighter in colour and visible only upon getting close. Well, visibility is a fact that makes it quite tricky to remove.


Here are a few methods that allow easy removal of facial hair: Before seeking treatment for threading chin hair in Adelaide, you have to know what you’re dealing with. And when you are aware of this embarrassing peach fuzz, here are a few treatments you can find to treat-


  • Dermaplaning: It is actually not hair-removal treatment, rather dermatological one that may pose some side effects upon removing peach fuzz. Well, dermaplaning use an effective exfoliation method that uses a scalpel blade to remove the dead skin cell from the epidermis. Dermaplaning have downsides of being over expensive, and it is not even recommended for sensitive skin.


  • Hair removal creams: If someone’s skin is sensitive, she can choose the variety based what suits their skin. Make sure the solution doesn’t cause any burn or irritation to the skin. People should take a careful look at manufacturing and expiry date along with a patch test before applying the cream over the face.


  • Electrolysis: Electrolysis is suited to all hair and skin colours and effective as well. But, it is a costly option, which is the only thing that makes people go for reconsideration.


  • Waxing: Waxing no doubt works well, but it will make your skin pay. It is an aggressive hair removal solution for full face, but be cautious not to use it over acne-prone or sensitive skin. It even requires you to be gentle and follow some aftercare too.


Apart from these all techniques, a few other methods like tweezing, laser treatment, bleaching and shaving are some that you can look out for.


Threading: Safer than other solutions mentioned above


Professionals for facial threading in Canberra can eliminate the peach fuzz in no time. However, you should avoid a few harsh treatments like exfoliation as well as applying harsh chemicals right after the threading. 


Threading involves swiping a piece of cotton thread for hair removal without creating much irritation or side effects like other solution. It is less painful and less costly than other methods.

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