The fun of group travelling, especially with the closed ones, family or friends surpass the enjoyment of everything else. The best part of such a travel plan is, of course, the planning phase. People gather around, select their itinerary and get started with the planning.

Are you planning to visit your uncle's place in Newtown, Sydney this year? Why limit your journey to the suburb when you can actually explore a lot of exciting things around Sydney airport? There is no point of doing that of course. You can quickly and explore a lot of exciting factors about Sydney on the go.

Get to know the things you can do in between in the following section.  

Book for a Sydney Helitour

Begin your enjoyment of exploring Sydney by going for a Sydney helitour. You can book for the helicopter from Ross Smith Avenue which is located at just 1.2 km away from Sydney airport. The maxi taxis usually have the capacity of accommodating 10 people together. So, it will be a comfortable ride to the helitour zone.

Chill @ Archie Brothers Electric Circus

Located at the Sydney Corporate Park, just 7 minutes away, 4.8 KM away from Sydney airport, this place is for you if you wish to chill out and relax for some times before going out for your next trip. If you have already booked a maxi taxi From Sydney Airport to Chatswood, it will be there on the way, where you can get your childlike moments back once again.

In this place, you will get the chance of pin bowling and bumper cars. Also, you can order for a giant milkshake with delicious edible goodies filled inside. If you have kids along with you, the fun is sure to get doubled up for them after visiting this place.

Explore King Street

The world knows about the beauty of King Street located in NSW, just 5 KM away from Sydney airport. The street arts and amazing artworks all around the walls of the street are so beautiful that you just cannot afford to give it a miss. Ask your driver as you book a maxi taxi from Sydney airport to Newtown to take you in the area and look around to explore this particular part of Sydney closely.

Visit the Cipher Room

Have you reached Newtown? Before you enter into your uncle's house, there is one more thing left for you, and it is paying a visit to the Cipher Room, the most exciting place in Newtown, located at around 4.3 KM distance from Sydney airport. It is indeed Sydney's most engaging gaming experience. It has puzzles and interesting gaming setup inside waiting to welcome you for a fantastic experience. Go on for it.


After you have jotted down where you will be going after getting down at Sydney airport, the next thing you will have to do is to choose the right maxi taxi service provider. You can plan for it before and check the reviews of different maxi taxi service providers online. Selecting the right maxi taxi means you will get a friendly driver who will help you to explore around the airport area even better.


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The author is a Sydney based service provider for maxi taxi From Sydney Airport to Chatswood and assures to give you a comfortable and enjoyable ride as you book a maxi taxi from Sydney airport to Newtown.