Being in the IT Industry have you heard and seen a lot of your friends make a good amount of money doing freelancing work. The easiest approach is to start engaging with a client doing Web Designing and Graphic Designing work. There are millions of clients each day across the world that need small things done like updating visiting cards or websites, or making new sites, brochures, invitation cards.

A lot of them post their requirements on sites like,,, and many more. All of these sites have different business models but most of them work on the understanding that they are a marketplace where they bring people who want to get work done and people who want to do the work.

As a new freelancer, you will be able to register on these sites and start bidding on the work, if the potential client likes your portfolio they will assign the work to you. If you do the work efficiently they will usually reward you with more work. Once you build a good relationship with clients they will approach you for more work. A lot of freelancers that we have come across started with doing small logos and small changes to websites and end up doing thousands of $ of work for them.

But every freelancer should remember that most of these clients have hundreds to freelancers like you who are willing to work for them. So if they do give you an opportunity please them with the quality of work and they will always come back for more. In a lot of instances, a $10-$15 website design work could result in larger projects later. People who need to update a phone number on their website will also require their website to become mobile responsive or build small apps or create HTML templates.

To become a successful entrepreneur/ freelancer all you need to do is learn and get trained in the best techniques of Web and Graphic Designing at TOPS Technologies. Our trainers will teach you the most promising web and graphic designing tools and help you become a successful freelancer.

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