There are overwhelming choices for bathroom vanities. As the bathroom is one of the busiest corners in the house, having a well-designed bathroom vanity can catch the eyes while using the space practically.


  • Skilful storage: Storage is as important as other bathroom utilities. When designing bathroom vanity, people need to consider the things they need to store. Be it shower gels and shampoos, cleaning rolls or cleaning product, everything you need to store there. Hence, you should plan it wisely, so that the things won’t be stored on the top of the vanity.


  • Know your bathroom style: Before you opt for a bathroom vanity, be clear about what style or design will go well your bathroom design. Whether you want a clean, sleek and minimalist design or something trendy that you’re looking for.


  • Why not try installing light coloured tapware or pipes on display? Or you may opt for traditional choices when it comes to the bathroom. However, if you don’t know which style to go after, take help of online sources to find out which style appeals you the most. Take a look at your tiles, bathroom, flooring- is the vanity complementing them?


  • Find the space you have: Before the professionals come, take a measuring tape and find how much space you have, to work in your bathroom. Don’t forget to take note of the size of the vanity top, including the depth and breadth of it. Consider the swing of your bathroom as well as shower doors and if there is any banging into your new vanity.


In case, it is a small bathroom; people might opt for a wall-mounted style that can create the illusion of more space. It is a good idea to opt for a bathroom vanity style from Central Coast that is corner mounted and goes stunning without taking up unnecessary space.


  • Know about your purposes: The perfect vanity should be practical as well as stylish. So, before calling the professionals, find whether it is for the ensuite, powder room or a family bathroom, and who will be using the bathrooms.


From the kids to the elderly, a bathroom is a space that is used by all. So, adding a bench adds a bonus to your bathroom design. You may try adding floating vanity that is ideal for powder bathroom. Make a sturdy choice, if your home is occupied with kids and buy something, that can withstand average wear and tear.


While moving ahead with the decision-making process, make sure you plan a proper budget. However, don’t forget to consult with bathroom designing experts to get through the design and prices with you. 


  • Choose the material wisely: While choosing the bathroom vanities, go with the preference on your needs and budget. Stone top, marble, laminate, plastic, timber are some materials you can choose for your bathroom vanity.


Lastly, adding basins and tapware at a perfect position can let you achieve a look and finish for your bathroom. The tapware can be wall mounted

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