A caravan life is hard to explain in words. When someone is on a trip, and the caravan is his (or her) ultimate home, he can surely feel the inexpressible pleasure since he knows the best way to maintain uninterrupted power supply in the van.

Outing in a caravan can be a horrible experience if the power supply fails and every civilized connection of the man cut down. The situation without mobile, laptop, internet, even light becomes awful.

So, here are the most possible ways to make the caravan active with all sorts of power supply.

Let’s begin.

  • A portable generator

Depending on its capacity, one should select the right generator as the main power system of the caravan. A 240 volt generator is apt for the caravan use.  Using the 4kva generator in Mackay will provide a great emphasis on the vehicle. Caravans are driven by two types of portable generator- petrol and diesel. Since you want the best pickup of a petrol generator that provides continuous energy for the vehicle battery, air conditioner, refrigerator, laptop, mobile, and all sorts of gadgets you are using.


  • This product is efficient and runs most appliances
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Can be refillable from a petrol station
  • Use the same fuel source as the towing vehicle
  • Transportable


Solar power:

The solar power system is another excellent choice for an active caravan power system applicable for those who usually don’t run the power-hungry equipment while in a caravan, such as air-conditioner, refrigerator, etc.


  • They are silent
  • Free power supply (after initial outlay)
  • Portable panels to absorb solar power at its best
  • Does not emit odors of burned out fuel or create dangerous gases.


Extra battery:

An additional deep-cycle battery in the tow vehicle is needed for sufficient power supply for extra two days, especially when the vehicle owner is trying to manage the usage. While opting for the portable petrol generators in Brisbane, asking for the extra battery will be effective. In most of the companies that sell generators have a good collection for caravan and tow battery.

One has to fit a battery management system that ensures the vehicle’s alternative battery system, apart from the main battery.


  • It doesn’t make sound while running
  • No voltage fluctuation
  • Provide full support for two days
  • Battery stabilizer is there
  • Emits no odor or gas

Bottom line:

So, as a caravan owner, whatever power system you choose, make sure that it is effective in reducing the power and gives more energy to run the vehicle as well as other gadgets. Also, before installing any of the power system or alternative battery, check the caravan safety guide. Asking the power management companies is the easiest way to know the entire safety guide for car power system.

Author's Bio: 

The author has been working as an electrical engineer and has a deep-knowledge in power source intow vehicles. A long period of time the author worked as a senior engineer in a popular company for portablepetrol generators in Brisbane.