Whenever one puts up new wallpaper, the creases than form are unsightly as blisters. And the only difference is that these creases cannot be removed once these wallpapers have dried off. For this reason quick action is required.


Here Are Some Other Reasons That Cause Wrinkles:-


  • Inappropriate Techniques While Pressing Or Smoothening The Wallpaper:-


Installing a Wallpaper, be it in Perth or elsewhere should never be done under pressure or when time is short. It should be done at a leisure place. Also; one should use appropriate tools during the smoothening stage.


One can use rubber rollers to achieve a soft, delicate surface. And for robust-looking wallpapers; one can use a smoothening spatula. When dealing with small creases, use small brushes or rubber rollers again to make the surface even.


However, when dealing with large strips of wallpaper, the best way to solve it is pulling out the large strip properly and pressing on it to level it out.


  • Wallpapering Over An Existing Wallpaper Having An Uneven Surface:-


Many have the habit of putting a new wallpaper over their existing wrinkled one to save time and cost. But doing so makes the old wallpaper gets moist and starts to expand. This prevents the wallpaper from drying evenly and results in the formation of creases and wrinkles.


  • Not Adhering To The Specific Soaking Time For Every Length of Wallpaper:-


It is important to adhere to the specific soaking time of every length of wallpaper to ensure uniform expansion. Most times; you will find the details of its soaking time is given at the back of the label. If they are not followed correctly, the wallpaper will continue to expand post its installation.


However, the real surprise comes once it has dried off properly. They shrink and lead to wrinkles, which at times can be very difficult to remove.  


Handing Wrinkles During Hanging:-


As dried, these creases cannot be easily removed. Instead, they need to be dealt with during the wallpapering stage. Here in this post; you will learn how to AVOID having creases and wrinkles from your installed wallpaper.  


  • Always adhere to all wall-preparation steps. Repair holes, smoothen the surface and even measure-mark that section of the wall where the wallpaper will be placed.


  • Use a wet sponge or a soft roller to remove the wrinkles as you start the installation process. However, do not crease the paper while placing it on the wall.


  • Insert a large putty knife right along the edges of the mural/wallpaper where it meets the other wall, floor or ceiling to remove the wrinkles. Keep those sections overlapping by 2mm to avoid shrinkage when the installed wallpaper has dried totally.


  • If there are any protruding edges, use a sharp razor knife and smoothen the surface with a sponge or rubber roller. Repeated rolling or smoothening will remove the wrinkles and ensure the surface is nice and smooth.


Capping Off:-


These are some smart tips to prevent creases or wrinkles from your designer wallpapers.


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Author's Bio: 

The author runs a company offering quality designer wallpaper in Perth for years. Along with offering discounted wallpaper sale in Perth regularly for clients, the author also educates them on how to take care of both during and post the installation.