When you are booking BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION, typically the most popular options you have for your holiday weekend in Barcelona is a walking tour in Barcelona. The best thing about the tour would be that it explores the historic parts of the city, especially the medieval quarter. As the title signifies, there you will find probably the most fascinating structures in the world like the Sagrada Familia Cathedral: a masterpiece of architecture.

Barcelona can somewhat be referred to as paradise in the modern architecture: an urban area that has manifested the kinds of famous modernist designers such as Josep Puig i Cadafalch, Antonio Gaudi and Luis Domenech i Montaner. Really, Barcelona remains one of the main centres of arts. Picasso spent the early years of his life here and, together with a stroll through the city; it provides you with the locations which were frequently visited by Picasso.

If you are interested to discover the town within the close quarters, a Barcelona walking tour may be the best option you could choose. However, prior to taking up this kind of tour, make sure that you are healthy enough to try the trials of walking. When you are sure relating to this, the walking tour will definitely become your finest time during your visit.

You will find lots of exclusive secrets of local Barcelona and the cuisine is definitely one of those. The enjoyment from a walking tour is obviously the fact gives you the opportunity to try the distinct local cuisine as you wander in addition to learn the whole process of making each dish from the professional guides inside some of the top restaurants of the city.

However, you are mistaken if you believe Barcelona only broods over its wealthy past. Really, the second greatest town of Spain is loaded with lots of contemporary and top class culture to supply to its locals and travellers too. For example, there is the brilliant promenade of La Rambla. This former riverbed has turned into a colourful and vibrant thoroughfare that is always thronging with numerous visitors.

You will find different walking tours inside the city which explore different facets of the cosmopolitan city. The city features a wealthy number of medieval structures and palaces along with the current modern buildings. Nonetheless few tours would cover the entire city in one route; that’s simply impractical. So, it’s wise to know the distinct tourist locations inside the city that you wish to see when planning which route and tour to take.

When you are staying in BARCELONA ACCOMMODATION, the most important thing about a Barcelona sightseeing tour is that you simply never lose interest in it. There is the most crucial sea port in Europe in this particular city. Also, you will find some famous landmarks such as the Apartment Oilmpica, Montjuic Mountain, Calatrava Tower, La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Plaza de Cataluna, Palau Sant Jordi, Poble Espanyol, Port Olympic and a lot of other beautiful sites. So, the choices are plentiful and all that is necessary do is to visit places that you have interest in seeing.

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