It seems that today, more and more people are walking around asleep, dazed by the perceived perilous economic upheaval and uncertain government moves or regulations. Some are just burned out and would rather tune out instead of facing life with boldness and direct communication and action. It is possible to live this life purposely, energetically and with eyes open. One must make this decision with boldness and confidence that he or she can meet the challenges of life head-on instead of retreating into a coma-like state. It is time to wake up!
First, in order to become fully awake, one must make a conscious decision to face life courageously, knowing that with God, all things are possible. God has designed us to excel, but the individual must choose to cooperate with God. There is an open door set forth in front of us, but it is up to each of us to choose to go through it.
Second, action is imperative. Sometimes we choose to stay asleep instead of waking up, taking action and fulfilling our dreams. We can choose to stay asleep and keep dreaming or make a plan to actualize it and take the necessary actions to bring it into reality. Often, it may seem easier to just remain in our comfort zones, instead od waking up to all of the possibilities of life and taking the action needed to birth our goals.
Third, it is necessary to write down the things that we want to wake up to; the things that would enrich and prosper our lives. For instance, have you always wanted to help the homeless. You can start by writing this down. Brainstorm on paper how you can begin this endeavor. One way could be to put a jar in your church vestibule or in a local store to collect pennies for the homeless ( or any denomination) You can then take these donations to local shelters. Also, you can clean out your closet. We all have more clothes, shoes, etc. than we can use. These can be donated to a local homeless shelter, also. The list can be as long as you like. You'll probably find that there are many enterprises and ideas lying dormant inside your heart. Choose the top five if you get overwhelmed.(Just don't go back to sleep!)
Fourth, ask God for direction as you take action relative to the things on your list. Taking action wakes you up by bringing the ideas from the paper and your head to life. As you take action, you will feel life's energy coursing through your veins, awakening you to think about even more possibilities that life has to offer. Pray, having faith that God will lead you into a life full of adventure, and divine love where you will be a fully awake participant, open to all of the fullness and beauty that life has to offer.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Emily DeCarlo is a staunch believer in the miracles of Jesus Christ. She is a licensed educator for the state of Virginia. She is also a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. She serves as an associate minister at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Hopewell, Virginia. She has served there for the past ten years. She is also president of the Daughters of Esther Women's ministry. Dr. DeCarlo is also founder of the DeCarlo Institute for the Healing Arts. The center focuses on maintenance of health and wellness whether than the management of disease. The center is based on Thia bodywork, aromatherapy, reflexology, faith healing, herbology, and meditation.