“I easily and joyfully release all old and unnecessary yearnings and patterns of behavior.” These powerful words were given to me during a distance healing session with Dr. Joyce Hawkes and lead to a final self healing of so many old wounds. With surgery there is an obvious point of incision, disease removal and a scar as proof that the cause of discomfort has been cut out. Therapies of the mind and spirit are not as visible. The lack of tangible evidence often leads to the assumption that nothing significant happened or if it did, the connection back to the massage, reiki, energy work or hypnotherapy is clouded by time or natural psychological defenses. It seems we humans like to be in control. We want to get the credit. Maybe we are just too busy to take the time to reflect and connect the dots. Since I am human, I found that I had a similar experience, until one day I found that I had left my “old” career to begin anew, was now in business with my son and was suddenly thrust into a whole new world of recording studios, computer company meetings while assisting others to heal and live their dream.

One morning I woke up panicked, thinking “what am I doing with my life and how did I get here”? When did the clock rollover into my 50s and when am I going to actually live the life I want? As I typically do in moments of morning panic, I pulled the covers up a little tighter and tried really hard to think of anything else. When that fails I pick up a pen and journal until I have some insight. Suddenly out of the tip of my pen came the admonition to stop just dreaming about your life and start living it. So I got dressed and went to work. At lunch, I pulled my journal out, only to have it fall open to the page where I wrote the morning admonishment down and it clicked. My old pattern of behavior was to think my thoughts, draw my vision board, say my affirmations, read more books and then to get up and repeat the patterns of my life without a second thought. I guess I thought some white knight was going to rush in and say “hop on Kathy so I can rush you to that desired life”. This was a romantic notion but one that left me dependent in a holding pattern. I let go of the yearning for someone else to give me direction or if I am more honest, for someone else to give me permission to be happy. In reality I had a reasonably secure position with benefits, wonderful co-workers and a supportive administration. I loved the children I worked with but knew that it was time to move on, to serve in a different way even though no reasonable adult would pick this economy to launch an entrepreneurial venture and yet that is exactly what I did.

I only had two phone and healing sessions with Dr. Hawkes. My neck pain, not at all what I called about, went away immediately and has not returned. However some of the more diffuse issues, not as easily measured were also brought into the light of transformation by my willingness to trust and let go. “I easily and joyfully release all old and unnecessary yearnings and patterns of behavior”. Say those words carefully as they will manifest if you are ready! As I walked my path this last year, making decisions, experiencing connectedness, I never looked back to see how this path became visible to me or when the deep heart centered belief was unleashed as it is unnecessary information. All I know for sure is that I am grateful for the many teachers and friends that have opened me to the vision, that I would help others live their dream by authentically living my own. That by being true to my life’s purpose I empower others to do the same. Many are already right where they belong-strong, true, happy and content and their energy touched my core causing me to crave their sense of purpose, passion and confidence.

My question had been “how do I get from here (stuck and feeling false) to there (vibrating with that deep sense of life purpose)?” That simple question, spoken aloud that fitful panicky morning, lead to the partnership with my son, the creation of our business and a heart full of love.. I want everyone to feel alive and full of potential; to live a life of joy and love. It is my pleasure and great honor to be living this wondrous life of service. Practice these simple and powerful words: “I easily and joyfully release all old and unnecessary yearnings and patterns of behavior.”

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Emerald Dream Hypnosis, LLC., Tom Day and Kathy Murphy Juhl (mother and son) are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, Co-Owners of Emerald Dream Hypnosis and Co-Creators of The Path. We have a passion for supporting others in the creation of their dreams and happiness. http://www.emeralddreamhypnosis.com