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Waking, Dreaming and Sleeping

Rudolf Steiner pointed out, to the first Waldorf teachers in 1919, how none of us is awake 100% all day long in our so-called waking life.
In fact we travel back and forth on this continuum between two poles, waking at one end and sleeping at the other end, all day long.

Rudolf Steiner made "conscious-subconscious-unconscious" into something imaginative and artistic. He analogized them to:

Waking <=> dreaming <=> sleeping

Waking creativity ~ thinking, choosing, deciding, initiating action, writing a letter, paying a bill, choosing one action over another action.

Dreaming creativity ~ daydreaming, feelings in general, our day-dreaming and night dreaming are all creative capacities.

Sleeping (unconscious creativity) ~ breathing, digesting, assimilating, peristaltic action, eye blinking and other reflexes; ultimately: all cellular activity. Someone is building your body, growing your hair, digesting your food. Who is that? We also have hunches, guidance and intuition and we don’t know where these come from either.

Wakingsleepingdreaming (WDS) points to the whole range of frequencies in the human psyche all at once and this is how Steiner used this idea as well.

WDS is a two way street; SDW is the exact same street walked the other direction.

Pretty good definition of maturity

A pretty good definition of maturity is at hand here. The more mature an individual is, the more wakefulness they have in all three creative levels of their psyche.

Our three levels of creativity make it easier to understand why we might be “of two minds” sometimes. One frequency is going this way; another frequency is going that way...

Waking, dreaming, sleeping in cell physiology

3) surface
2) function, cell organs
1) core

Cells know how to be healthy. It's negativity we are holding on to that makes them unhealthy. Most people I see in my field are unknowingly holding on to negativity in their sub- and unconscious. This story applies to me when I have sessions with my mentor.

Rudolf Steiner suggested how our three levels of creativity play out in our physiology:

We are most awake and aware in our nervous system.
In our muscles we have dim awareness of feeling and movement.
In our bones our conscious awareness is most asleep.

RS also suggested how our three levels of creativity and responsibility correlate with the Kingdoms alongside us here on Earth:

In our Sleeping we are akin to the Mineral Kingdom
In our Dreaming we kin with the animals and plants
In our Waking we are kin with other humans

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