You may have volunteered overseas before, travelled extensively or this could be your first exhibition. Whatever your circumstances, Asia is probably the best place to really get the traveller experience. Dipping in and out of westernised areas (in case you feel a little home sick) you will be able to submerse yourself in a foreign culture - Nepal is home to no less than thirty-six ethnic groups and over fifty languages.
If you want to combine spiritual development, adventure and volunteer work; Nepal is the perfect mix as it’s the home of the Himalayan Mountains and some valid volunteer overseas programs. The Nepali culture is extremely varied after a history of migration and trade but because of its difficult terrain and geography it is still a developing country.

Volunteering and Trekking – Nepal

A trip to Nepal isn’t complete without a trek to the base camp of Mount Everest and a lot of volunteer work in Nepal offers this exhibition as part of the project. You can spend four weeks working in an orphanage or teaching English in local schools, then the rest of your trip exploring Nepal and its incredible landscapes. This is truly a spiritual journey which will allow you to develop your inner-self through experiencing community life and natural beauty.

Customs to take into Account when Doing Volunteer Work

While in urban areas you will see very few different customs but if you explore more of Nepal or carry out volunteer work in smaller towns and villages you will note some differences. Instead of shaking hands Nepalese people put the palms of their hands together at chest height to greet each other. Hospitality is very important in Nepal and if you are a guest you will be offered food and it would be considered rude to help with the preparation and cleaning up. It is also customary to eat with only the right hand.

Other Opportunities when you Volunteer Overseas

Asia as a continent is enormous and therefore to travel extensively throughout the whole continent you may need two years however, it’s just as fulfilling to take it in smaller more manageable trips. If you decide to volunteer overseas and chose Nepal you can work there for as much time as needed then use it as a spring board to travel to China.


This immense country is vast, varied and exciting from volcanoes to rice fields to ancient relics to skyscrapers it offers the traveller everything. You can trek the Great Wall of China in ten days or travel from its two major cities Beijing to Shanghai in nine days. You can also do volunteer work in China; volunteer teaching is a great option and it can help you pick up some basic mandarin too.

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