Our opinions and feelings are as much of importance as others'. We are so deeply connected by chakras that even the power of communication and speech is controlled by a chakra, that is, the Throat Chakra. The health of this chakra is of utmost importance. This can be understood by the following instance.  
When a child is born, the doctor slaps its rear to check if it is alive. If the child cries following the painful test, it’s good news for the parents. Or else, the child is headed back to be with God.  Since the starting of the life-our voice, our cry works as an evidence of our survival. It lets others know that we are alive and kicking. Our cry acts as a medium for our parents to understand us until we learn to speak. Then how do we manage to live without it when we grow up? Does it not matter as much then? It surely does. 
Now, the question is what reins our speech? As discussed above, the Throat Chakra is in-charge of our communication and self-expression. Depending upon its condition, we are either awarded with its benefits or punished with its troubles. It is up to us as to in which condition do we prefer to keep it. Located at the back of the centre of the throat, it is associated with hearing voice and truth. It connects us with the spiritual self as it pertains to spiritual truth as well as our own truth. The Throat Chakra gets blocked by many reasons. Telling lies, giving out mixed messages, constant yelling, verbal abuse and keeping secrets also result in the chakra’s imbalance. In addition to that, family cults like “don’t talk”, “don’t feel” and “don’t trust” add up in throwing the chakra out of balance.
If our throat chakra remains in good health, it benefits us with a series of benedictions. It fills up with a willingness to communicate with others. Expressions of ideas, feelings and opinions come easily. Our creativity and work improves manifolds because now we are able to tell others what exactly do we want and how do we want it. Moreover, with expressing our desires, we also convey our weaknesses and strengths honestly. This leads us to the top position in our job, performance and even life, in general. Communication is the key to happiness. So, if this passageway gets choked, problems are sure to arise. Since, we have still not reached the time where we can read other people’s mind; we only have communication to our rescue. Whenever we want to express our love to others, we sing poems or tell them that we love them. In the case of anger, we verbalize harsh and mean words. If someone’s not feeling good, we soothe them with encouraging words. So, in short, it would be literally impossible to live without communicating.
We need to state what is going on in our minds. God has made us that way; He knows exactly what he has made. So, why challenge his decisions when it has been made in our favor? We need to keep out Throat Chakra in good health to live and survive.

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