Lately, I have been attending to more and more voice disorders of all types and kinds.

Majority of them have had similar symptoms, but, needless to say, not necessarily the similar causes.

The symptoms usually consist of hoarseness, sore throat, pain while talking and/or singing, burning vocal cords (usually from excess of gastric acid, which shoots directly up the throat, especially if the voice is positioned quite low in the vocal box).

Those nasty symptoms make a person quite miserable and depressed.

It does interfere with their careers, even when they are not necessarily singers.

They often are asked if they have a cold, or what is wrong
with them or their voices in particular.

Some male voices turn soprano’ish and those males often
mistaken for females.

It is quite disheartening for all the people who experience
some kind of voice disorders, as their lives, in one way or
another, have been disrupted.

Strangely enough, though some of them are looking for a magic pill to “cure” their voice problem, not realizing that there is no such a thing and it requires by far more effort than just consume some remedy, even if it is natural and proven to work.

Yes, the symptoms might ease off, but the problem will still remain.

Also, the cause, which produced the problem In the first place, will remain

Just for the record, while I am writing this blog, I am desperately trying to get rid of my toothache to be able to finish my ‘out of country’ projects.

However, I am totally aware that it is not doing anything to my ‘root canal problematic’ tooth, and that has to be attended to as soon as possible, before it will become a serious problem. I am praying to survive until Tuesday, to be sedated and attend to this nasty dental problem. I actually never thought that I will be looking forward to this procedure, as I hate anything connected to the dental issues.

My doomed prospective clients, however, don’t think in those terms.

They are thinking about a quick fix solution, and as long as their symptoms are subsiding, they are happy and some of them are not even planning to look into the “root” of the actual cause of sometimes a very deep and extensive vocal disorder.

Go Figure…

Author's Bio: 

Diana Yampolsky is the world's foremost Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist. Through her revolutionary vocal technique, special exercises and natural herbal and homeopathic remedies, she can resolve most vocal problems naturally and prevent singers and speakers from having to resort to surgical procedures and pharmaceutical products that often produce unwanted side effects. As a true holistic practitioner, Diana works on the source of the vocal problem, rather than the symptoms.