Vocational Awakening and Evolution of the Soul
By Richard L. Roberts, PhD.

Each soul comes to the Earth with gifts. A soul does not incarnate only to heal and to balance its energy, to pay its karmic debts, but also to contribute its specialness in specific ways. Before it incarnates, each soul agrees to perform certain tasks upon the Earth. It enters into a sacred agreement with the Universe to accomplish specific goals. (Zukav, 1989)

You were born with a noble purpose to fulfill. Further, the world needs you to express your special talents in the service of this greater mission. Your Call is to not only align with your soul’s purpose and share your special talents, but in the process to awaken to your Authentic Self and fulfill your greater potential. This is what you are here to do.

To align your personality with your soul is the path of awakening.

You are called to express in this life to wake up to your full magnificence and to express your gifts in service. You are here to live to your fullest potential, to One of the primary tasks we are here to accomplish on earth is to align our personality with our soul. Situation by situation, crisis by crisis, we feel our way towards walking this higher path, Born with a particular personality pattern, our individual design is there to direct us, ever shifting us towards higher consciousness and authentic empowerment. Our soul evolves as we awaken to and transform our personality patterns into a higher expression of our deepest Self.

Not only are we here to align our personality with our soul, but more specifically and personally, we are here to fulfill our unique calling or soul’s purpose. We each come into life with a particular task to accomplish. This can be referred to as our unique life purpose or calling. This task is the path to individuation, self-realization and propels us to live to our highest potential in this life. In opening to what we came to do, we are quite naturally moving in line with the “higher” flow of our life. Our calling in other words, calls us to evolve, to break through old, habitual, limiting personality patterns, and awaken to true authentic empowerment.

Throughout our life, we receive the call in many ways. Always with the choice to step up, calling continually presents situations, events, chance happenings and all manner of synchronistic events to wake us up. Calling or a passion to express ourselves in a particular way, to serve not only ourselves but also others is the path to our greatest evolution in this life.

Another term for calling is vocation. The term vocation has slowly degraded into vocational training, etc. but in this context, we use it in its pure meaning. Our vocation or Work is the very means for us to continually align our personality with our soul. It is not just in the seeking to fulfill this task, but very much also in the discovery of our vocation that we ignite this process of individuation and allow it to accelerate.

Vocational awakening is a critical ingredient for those who seek to awaken their higher faculties, bring their personality in line with their soul, and live in alignment with their Authentic self. Purpose or calling doesn’t let up, but keeps prodding us to awakening. Aligning personality with our soul’s growth takes focused awareness and this in itself is an essential component of growth. This is the work of those who choose awakening to who they really are.

While there are psychological and spiritual processes that can help to align personality with soul, they can also become ways to go into denial and circumvent true growth. One thing I like about vocational consulting as compared to personal/transpersonal counseling is that you can’t fool yourself into believing that you are making progress. In other words, you can’t just bliss yourself out and therefore think you are getting into alignment.

Awakening to our Work or vocation focuses our evolution and demands concrete results. Choosing to use vocation as the path to self-realization also has a great feedback system. Money glows in the direction of joy, of creative intention, and provides feedback to let you know the degree to which you are aligning with your higher purpose.

Make note that this is not a path for those who like things the way they are. A greater level of security emerges for these individuals. The security rests in being connected to the Creative Source itself, and in doing what you came to do, quite naturally engaging in the flow of abundance. Change is the nature of this path, but so is joy and excitement.

The very process of deciphering the clues to our individual purpose, what we are here to do in this life, the particular task we have chosen, is part of our individuation. This is clearly the path of joy. In fact joy points the way. What we really love doing, not what our personality convinces us we enjoy, also helps to reveal our special gifts or talents that we are here to express. To express these talents, aligned with that which brings joy, is the path that aligns our personality with our soul.

The greater plan for our life is to create a life of joy. This is true for all of us. This plan becomes quite obvious when focused to vocation. When we bring money into the equation we plug into an immediate source of direct feedback, telling us whether we are in alignment with our calling and our own authentic power. Money demonstrates very clearly whether we are on the path of expressing our gifts.

The current state of affairs is that the majority of our population continually compromises their energy, their brilliance and their true creative powers in work that is beneath them. You are here for a much more noble cause, and further, the planet needs you to play your part. Hiding out, putting off, pretending you don’t know what you came to do no longer serve.

Awakening to your true vocation starts a process in motion as you begin exploration of your deeper calling. Once started, this vision quest is self-perpetuating, continually revealing signals or signs that tell you, if you are listening that you are moving in the right direction. You are here to not just discover, but to align yourself with and fulfill your deeper calling, your higher truth. This calling demands expression in the world, for you are ultimately here to make a difference in the time you are here.

Vocational awakening and personal evolution go together. To move in the direction of your calling requires that you also become the person you were born to be. This is about aligning your personality with your soul. Often, in this work, I find that most individuals have succumbed to the fear-based attributes of their personality however, and as such, have lost sight of their personal strengths aligned with their vocation. Choosing to discover your Work is choosing to uncover and transform your personal challenges into the strengths that they are. This process then allows you to grow and reach beyond present limitations, moving towards realizing what you are really capable of.

Individuals who are considered self-actualizing or fully functioning, that is, living beyond the norm, experience what it is like to live to their greater potential. They know the feeling of doing what brings joy on a daily basis, attuned to the magic of how their Work unfolds as they continue to expand their personal reach. They know what it feels like to be leaving their mark and contributing to the betterment of Life. This is the path that vocational awakening leads you to. It is the evolution of your deeper soul made manifest.

More and more authors and speakers these days address this very important and special task. In fact, it has never been more pressing an issue and at the same time, more personally accessible. Often referred to in the literature as following your bliss, working with passion, doing what you love, fulfilling your life purpose, right livelihood or simply life’s work. Among them are such notable advocates as Joseph Campbell, Gary Zukav, Marilyn Ferguson, Janet Atwood, Richard Bolles and so many more. It is true that for life to have true meaning, for our greatest experience of success in life, and to realize our full human potential, we must answer the deeper question, “What am I here to do?” This answer requires knowing your soul’s purpose and how you want to make a difference with your life in the time you have.

It is an easy thing to say, “follow your bliss” or “do what you love for a living” or “create your destiny” or “live your passion”. Certainly, everyone immediately relates and agrees with these concepts acknowledging often that the work they are doing is dissatisfying. It all sounds great. “Wow, I never thought of doing what I love for a living. Thanks. I am going to do that right now!” It is not in the realization that one is not doing what they love, for anyone has the simple capacity to recognize that. It is in the gaining insight into what they truly love doing, their higher calling, where the “rubber meets the road.” It is not quite so easy (though it is simple).

It is one thing to say, “follow your bliss”, quite another to recognize what that is and formulate that into a viable vocational path that not only supports you, but allows you to perhaps succeed in ways you haven’t before. Many agree when they hear this having bought the books as a way to help them come to that realization, only later to find themselves still wondering what their path is. Relatively few individuals actually succeed at making this radical career transition.

Recognizing your deepest truth, your purpose for being here requires true soul searching, it demands the ability to read the signs, the patterns and themes that have emerged in your life, to understand what consistently calls to you time and time again, a comprehensive knowledge of your assets and liabilities and the many options in the real world available to you that will provide not only financial support, but more so, the opportunity to experience success on a level previously not experienced.

This path calls to everyone. Few courageously heed that call however. Why? One reason is the methods for realizing truth are quite rare. The other is that one must make a decision to dig deeper, past the chaotic voices of the ego to come to know their essence. This is no unlike self-awakening so often talked about in the literature. Lastly, deep down, there is the knowledge that if one does discover their calling, they will have to act on that, as they will no longer be content with compromising their life in pursuits that are less than what they are capable of. These are not easy demands to place on oneself. Then again, what is the alternative?

To assist you in discovering your deeper truth requires experience, it requires a knowledge of the personality filters that can often confuse the issue, an understanding of the patterns and themes that indicate the seeds of calling throughout your life and methods to uncover what is often hidden. It is not just a means for discovery though that is necessary but also knowledge of how to interface with the present marketplace.

Doc Roberts

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Roberts has been a vocational guide for over 30 years. He has worked with 10's of 1000's of clients in one-on-one counseling, group workshops and in organizations such as AT&T, Pacific Bell, Northrop, USPS, Department of Rehabilitation, University of Colorado at Boulder and many more. He has a BS in Physiological Psychology, MS in Vocational Counseling and Assessment and PhD. in Psychology: Human Potential. His website and blog explain more in depth the process for awakening to your true calling and becoming the person you were born to be. Visit his website at: vocationalawakening.com