In December 2008, after not being able to get a visa to Canada for over 3 years, Ashok N was finally able to travel to us for his very much so needed voice repair. He owned 3 companies -in South Africa (where he was residing), India and Botswana. In his line of work, he had to do a lot of presentations and during his speeches, he was constantly experiencing raspiness, hoarseness, and even a complete loss of his voice. Besides the above-described voice issues, he also was bothered with his unusually high pitched voice.

All of that, evidently, was interfering with his livelihood and also his confidence. He took just 20 hours of my very unique voice instruction and had completely regained his normal speaking voice, got read of the hoarseness and raspiness, got rid of some discomfort and pain in his throat and also his voice deepened quite a bit and it became (still on the higher tone though) sounding more on the male side of things than on female like before.

He was very happy and me too ...Something still was bothering me…? I guess, I found that his voice deepened, but not as much as it should have. I know my work very well and I know what should have happened in the final analysis. Something else was going on …? What though? That became my riddle.

By the end of our course and treatment, we were talking about our lives matters…
I knew from before that by the time he had gotten a visa to Canada, his son was 10 years old and because he was planning to bring his wife and his son with him to Canada, he did not get permission to enter Canada with his family. So it took him about 3 years to finally reached us and to get needed help. Then, in the conversation, Ashok told me that he and his wife are for years were planning to conceive another child, but, unfortunately to no avail.

That is where “lights came on for me”, so to speak. The problem appeared to be hormonal. In my opinion, it all was pointing out to the low levels of testosterone. I asked Ashok if he checked his testosterone levels and then he looked at me puzzled and said: “That explains a lot…”

I was relieved, as I know the results to be expected from my work; and the result was there, but not as complete as it was expected. So the higher-pitched voice ( higher than expected after my work had been done in that regard) was a result of a hormonal imbalance in the body, which had a reflection on Aahok’s voice.

Now speaking of the female unusually low voice: All of us, no doubt, know and listen on the news to Dr.Theresa Tam- Chief Public officer of Canada. To me, she sounds unusually low and almost like a man. Her body frame is not that big, so usually with this body size female voice is more on a higher pitch tone rather than lower..? The question is why?

In my opinion, it must be the same situation as was present with Ashok… I got used to her voice now, but at first, I thought that it was a man speaking … And if it was broadcasted on the radio instead of the television, I probably would’ve thought that it was a man informing us about the pandemic.

I definitely could bring Dr. Tam’s voice on a more feminine side via my specially developed speech exercises coupled with the special body movements and the use of specifically designed for that and other voice matters, natural herbal remedies being used along with the very unique voice instruction. However, I would not know to what degree the improvement can be possible until I would start closely working with the person of interest.

Now let me tell you, my reader, about another very peculiar case, speaking of the hormonal imbalance…but not by choice or not by being born like that… Last year the Female client arrived in our establishment speaking with a quite low voice. She was quite a beautiful woman in her middle-to-late 40s.

Her name was Brenda and she was involved in the business where she had to speak on the phone quite a bit and do a lot of sales for hers and her family business. Apparently, she started to experience early menopause symptoms, which became very disturbing for her and therefore she went to her family physician who prescribed the testosterone needles which her husband had to administer every night.

Soon after that, Brenda started noticing more hair growing on her body, but mainly, her voice deepened few tones lower…. Needless to say, the mother of two children and married to a wonderful husband (during all 30 hours I had conducted he was always by her site and celebrating every little success she was achieving), she was extremely frustrated, to say the least. Moreover, when she returned to her family doctor and asked him if her voice will ever return back to normal, he outright said: “No, it will not”….

Needless to say, that, Brenda and her husband were devastated, to put it mildly.
Their business was now in jeopardy, as Brenda, according to her daughter( who actually was the one who found me online), told me:” My mom is very embarrassed by her voice sounding like a man.”

Needless to say, Brenda’s voice via my very unique voice/ vocal technique coupled with very carefully selected natural herbal and some homeopathic remedies, did its magic…

They returned home and found that their daughter who also had been involved in the family business, was very pleased and proud of her mom.

And lastly the long and the short story about my singing student of 1999 onward and for quite a few years forward… Miles came to me as a singing student at the age of 14 and at that time he spoke and sung with the extremely bass voice … Studying at the art school, he formed a band, but his voice was very low pitched and that caused a problem, as primarily all rock and roll songs are usually written for much higher voice - tenor and not bass… By putting him and his voice in balance, we achieved a great success!

His voice started to reflect his happy state of being and thus began also to perfectly reflect his age and his body parameters. His dream came true and he became the lead singer of a quite known rock band and ever since he has been playing everywhere across North America and Europe for many years now! Due to confidentiality reasons, the above name mentioned is an alias, but the story is real!

To conclude:

If you want to achieve something, please try and do it! Remember, when you really want something or dream about something, the sky will become Your Limit!

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Ms. Yampolsky is one of the world's foremost specialists on the topic of the human voice and is the creator of Vocal Science(TM), a unique and truly revolutionary accelerated vocal development technique. It is a holistic and scientific approach to voice mechanics that enables all singers and speakers to reach their full potential in an extremely short period of time. Based in Ontario, Canada, Diana works with a worldwide spectrum of clientele as a Vocal Coach/Consultant, In-Studio Vocal Production Expert, and Non-Surgical Voice Repair Specialist.

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