Everything about VitaMist is extremely unique. From their product line to their distribution model, the company is anything but conventional. Not only does it distribute unique products, but they also offer product users an opportunity to earn a legitimate income. If you read this article entirely, all of the questions you may have about VitaMist will be answered sufficiently.

What exactly is it?

Like many other young companies today, VitaMist is a health and nutrition company. Because obesity and diabetes have evolved in to epidemics many people have made the decision to become more health conscious.

Because of this shift, the health and wellness industry us one of the fastest growing business niches today. As I said before, there are a seemingly countless number of companies in this specific niche.

While that may be true, VitaMist is quite a bit different than the average vitamin and supplement distributor. It's health products are sprayed directly into the consumers mouth. This is a really intriguing attribute for those who hate downing multiple bulky pills or sipping a lest than desirably flavored drink.

Not only does the spray technique make the vitamins simpler to consume, but it has also been proven to be more efficient for absorption. This unique approach is assuredly a primary reasons for VitaMist's recent success.

Starting with the Company

VitaMist Spray Vitamins is located in Arizona. The company distributes its unique nutrition products through a team of independent distributors. These people are considered to be independent business owners and are refereed to by the company as VitaMist Team Members. So what is this business opportunity exactly?

Many of you are reading this article today because you are interested in the VitaMist business opportunity. If this applies to you, it's time to listen up. VitaMist distributes it's products through the multi-level marketing (network marketing) business model. Within this unique business structure, members of VitaMist can earn some money in a couple of different ways.

The first of the money-making opportunities is obviously product sales. VitaMist members make about 25% of their product sales. Like I said before, the health and wellness niche is pretty profitable right now. This is definitely an intriguing aspect for those of you looking to build a passive residual income stream.

The second way to make money with VitaMist is definitely the most profitable. When a member/distributor with the company personally enrolls a new member, he or she will begin to earn a percentage of the sales volume generated by that person. This essentially means that you can build a substantial stream of income by enrolling team members for your VitaMist business.

You Can REALLY Earn

If you take a look online, you will find countless stories about successful network marketers. Many of them who have even found success with this specific company. The one thing that all of these success stories have in common is the ability to recruit.

If you're considering the VitaMist business opportunity, it is vital that you focus your marketing efforts on enrolling distributor. To really maximize your marketing efforts, I highly recommend learning to market online. Doing so can do wonders for your VitaMist business!

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