Vitamin B12 is a water soluble solution, water soluble vitamin dissolve in water. The Vitamin B12 is found in variety of foods such as sellfish, dairy products, fish and meat. In the formation of vitamin B complex Vitamin B12 is used with the combination of other B vitamins. Vitamin B12 is very important for the body, after the body uses these vitamins the leftover amount of the vitamins leave the body through urine. Researcher in their research has review that water soluble vitamins can not be stored by the body, as vitamin b12 is very essential and special for the body because the body can store it many years in the liver.

Functions of Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is considered to be the most special vitamin like other B vitamin because it is important for metabolism. It performs various number of functions like formation of red blood cells, maintain healthy nerve cells, needed to make genetic material in cells and also needed to make DNA. During protein digestion, hydrochloric acid in the stomach releases the B12. Before B12 absorbed into the bloodstream, it combines with a substance called intrinsic factor (IF)

Symptoms of vitamin B12-deficiency anaemia
People suffering from the deficiency of vitamin B12 anaemia also look pale or jaundice. It can also cause symptoms related to nerve. The symptoms of vitamin B12-deficiency anaemia are feeling very tired, palpitations, reduced appetite, breathlessness after little exercise, headaches, sore mouth and tongue and increase in the rate of heart beat.

Treatment for vitamin B12-deficiency
There are various medicine available in the medical store for the treatment. Among all the medicine available or present Vitamin B12 injection is the most trusted and recommended by the doctor. Vitamin B12 injection is a prescription medicine used for the treatment of Red Blood Cells and Bone Marrow. It is available in the form of injection by both brand and generic name. Its main ingredient is Cyanocobalamin. Before making any use of Vitamin B12 injection you should know some very important information about the medicine. Patients suffering from HIV AIDS are more prone of having Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Use of Vitamin B12 injection in pregnant and breast feeding mother should not be use without consulting your doctor as use of this medicine can lead to some serious side effect. As it is a prescription medicine so it should be taken as prescribed by the doctor or healthcare professional. Vitamin B12 injection should be used under the skin. The patient should not use the injection on his own until he does not understood how to inject the injection. Store the injection at room temperature. Vitamin B12 injection should be store in dry place, away from light, heat and moisture. Keep this medicine away from the reach of the children and pet. Once the syringe is used discard it properly.

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