Digital shopping has made it super convenient for the customers to place an order for their favorite and required products with a few taps. With mobile-friendly e-commerce websites, you can check out all kinds of merchandise ranging from clothing items to grocery ones, shoes, gadgets and home accessories through your smartphones.

The cosmetic industry is one of the thriving retail businesses; most of the brands are facilitating their shoppers with digital and local stores to let them make a purchase as they please. All the top cosmetic brands like NARS, L’Oreal, and MAC have their e-stores with the latest product offers and user-friendly experience to expedite online shopping experience. If you also have an e-cosmetic store and want to create distinctive inkling for your brand and product range, signature packaging can work wonders for you.

Custom boxes for face, eye, lip, and other makeup range can be designed with glitzy and winsome artwork to engage shoppers. E-commerce businesses can tap the potential of product packaging and utilize it for effective customer communication and boosting brand efforts. Your packaging is a first impression that a customer gets when she orders a matte lip pallet from your cosmetic e-store and receives the package. It is up to you to make this impression indelible or forgettable.

If you have a reliable printer, you can seek assistance for getting the packaging customized in a way that it helps you connecting with a wider target audience and getting repeat shoppers.

Here are some customization tips for making your cosmetic packaging gripping!

Pay Attention to Design Details

There are so many cosmetic brands out there with countless products, why would a customer feel inclined into checking out your cosmetics? If you have managed to make your e-cosmetic store compelling with the latest and trendy products, the next step is offering a delightful delivery experience to shoppers and that is not possible without dandy packaging. The design of the packaging is a crucial element that can make a brand and its items instantly likable with the customers. Pay attention to minute details that can add an entrancing appeal to packaging. Use more pictures and lesser text as it will convey the product idea effectively. Color themes should be invigorating.

Advantages of Interactive Packaging

Packaging that has the ability to provide information to the customers without any canny marketing gig will assist you in enhancing your brand’s image. Use the boxes for various cosmetics to provide details about the benefits of an item, for instance, you can describe why the bronzer serum you are promoting is a must-have highlighter product for this season. Similarly, you can explain the unique selling points of your flavored matte lipstick range in an interactive manner. Customers will be intrigued into knowing more about your product range once they will read through these pointers on the packaging for items they received. You can up-sell and cross-sell by providing information about your other makeup and skincare items through the boxes.

Share Communication Channels through Packaging

Virtual businesses need to communicate proactively with customers to earn their loyalty. Online cosmetic stores can have their social media profile details, customer support center email ID and phone number printed prominently on custom product boxes wholesale. This will enable the first time shoppers to ask questions from customer service agents about product range and shipping time. They can also track their orders by getting in touch with the CS team of an e-cosmetic store.

Boxes For Cosmetics Should Protect The Packaged Items

Apart from individual packaging boxes for each of the items like lip and cheek stains, primers, manicure sets and loose powders, mailer boxes should also be customized for shipping. Product packaging should be resilient enough to protect the texture and quality of various cosmetics. The boxes that you intend to use for delivery should protect and support the makeup and skincare items from getting affected by moisture, heat and shock. Ask the printer to provide you reliable stock and finest finishing options. You should get an insight on commonly used packaging box styles for cosmetic items as well. Evaluate and analyze the options carefully before choosing a combo.

Stampa Prints has a track record of delivering delightful custom packaging solutions to cosmetic and other retailers. The service provider offers free design support, contemporary customizations and free shipping across United States and Canada without any handling charges.

Mention care instructions on delivery packaging to make it easier for the freight staff to ship cosmetic items. Most of the makeup and skincare products need special storage temperature; you should have it printed on the boxes. Net weight, manufacturing, and expiry dates should also be there. If there are any sensitive skin cautions for a particular cosmetic item, the boxes for a scrub, serum or other product should have them to facilitate the users.

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