If you were thinking it is easy to hire a plumber, think again. There are a lot of complications that crop up every time you hire the wrong plumbing contractor to fix an issue with the water and sewerage lines. Since plumbing works are essential for the household it is crucial for a householder like you to get in touch with a company that is not only professional in their approach but is reliable and holds a great deal of reputation in the industry for offering quality work. Rounding up on a suitable choice may appear tough owing to the rising numbers of plumbing contractors operating near your area. That’s why experts recommend you ask the following vital questions: 

Can you show me whether you are a licensed and insured contractor? 

This is one of the most fundamental questions to ask not just a plumbing contractor but anyone promising you good quality services. By asking this question you literally gain clarity on whether the plumbing installation contractor in London is reliable. The first in the checklist should be to ensure that the company is licensed and insured which explains that they are a registered company worth hiring for a plumbing job. 

The main reason to ask this question is to seek your own protection lest issues should rise during the course of work. A contractor who claims to be insured and licensed will save you from experiencing huge loss due to damage or injuries which might happen during plumbing work. 

Do you pass on the work to subcontractors? 

Here comes another considerable question to ask the plumbing installation and repair company in London. The question will help you ascertain the quality of work you are supposed to receive. There are instances when a plumbing company will hire subcontractors who work as freelancers and do not hold much liability for works they perform. With an aim to save money the main contractor will pass it on to a subcontractor which might mean risking your property. 

Since plumbing injuries are not rare it is meaningless to be held liable for such events which may cost a huge amount of dollars. This happens when the sub contractor lacks license and insurance

What type of warranties do you cover? 

Although a lot of plumbing contractors will refrain from offering a guarantee on their job it is vital to know and understand the types of warranties they will cover lest anything goes wrong during the job. 

How much experience do you hold with this particular project? 

When hiring a plumber it is vital to note down their experience in dealing with the particular plumbing project. 

Do you provide “same day service”? 

Sometimes you may have plumbing emergencies which may need immediate assistance. Certain plumbing companies offer 24/7 services. These companies are likely to reach out to the site and handle an emergency with ease. 

Can you provide references? 

Whether the plumbing contractor is actually good at the job is hard to determine unless their previous clients approve their quality of workmanship in the field. Ask for references and go through reviews posted by clients online. 

Make sure you ask a plumbing company the questions as mentioned here. 

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a plumbing installation company in London. In recent times the author has been shedding light on plumbing related matters.