One must never look upon discussions of Sidhis/Divine Powers like flying in the air as mentioned in Yoga Science as fictitious stories. In the human body reside all seeds of the basis of material means. By activating these energy seeds the bodily units are made so feather weight so that the body now goes beyond the net of the law of gravity and thus man can fly in the sky. Application will be talked of later. Yet from the principle standpoint it cannot be labeled as impossible to achieve. Today modern age scientists have come face to face with the will power’s terrific potential, bodily electricity, computer in the form of the brain and bodily radio functioning. Thus they have been simply spell bound by all this.

On the surface of the water an invisible membrane exists. It is called the water’s surface tension. Many times this layer becomes thick. If on this a light weight object is placed in such a way that it swims on the membrane without hurting it then it keeps swimming. If a blade used for shaving is deftly placed on this layer it will continue swimming and not get submerged in water.

In the Dead Sea area there is a lot of salt. Its water is heavy hence even if someone wants to drown in it he/she will be unable to do so. The reason being that man’s bodily units, in comparison to that salty water is very light in weight.

Any object that is lighter than water particles will easily swim. Wood is light. Balloons filled with air and rubber tubes will float in water. Via Yoga practices it is possible to decrease weight of bodily units and rendering them lighter in weight than water units. If the subtle body within the gross physical body radiates greatly then that much light weight can be created in the body which helps one walk on the surface of water without drowning and flying in space without falling on to the ground. Via control of Prana even in the world of Yoga the same principle is at work wherein not only can one enter another body by separating ones subtle body from the gross one but that one can bodily fly high in the sky. Hanumanji with the help of energy of Pranayam crossed the ocean and by flying in air returned with the life saving Sanjivani herb.

An Italian priest called Joseph attained great fame during his times by exhibiting the power to bodily fly in the air. This divine power of his was discussed in the entire nation. Just before death Joseph also aided a doctor of his to fly in the air just as he himself did.

Joseph died in 1663. When he was about to die the famous doctor Fonseco Thiryoli was called to medically treat him. The doctor writes in his memoirs: I was just about to attend to Joseph when he caught hold of my hand and started flying in the air. Since I was stuck to him even I started flying in air. After this we flew to a church in France and there Joseph started praying. He told me that he did not require my medical treatment. Since God has called me I will soon go to his kingdom. The doctor was astounded and without treating Joseph returned. Next day Joseph died.

The Italian government has many documents that mention various incidences of Joseph flying in air. These were recorded when police officials went to test whether Joseph could actually perform this rare feat or not. There are innumerous hearsay and incidences actually seen by many in Italy wherein Joseph could reach Jesus’ image placed high up on the wall and for a fair length of time he could hang on over there. Many believed that Joseph was an extraordinary pries imbued with miraculous divine powers or Sidhis.

Priest Joseph’s father resided in an Italian village called Felix Dala and worked there to earn money. Once due to poverty and lack of a job he was very sad hence he took with him his pregnant wife to find a job. In the year 1603 his son was born amidst their travel. The child was but a skeleton of bones. From birth itself the child was attacked with illnesses and in a few days he got intense stomach pain. Since his father did not have money for treatment he went and surrendered to a saint dwelling nearby. The saint said: The child’s body is dead and only his soul remains on earth. Yet the saint predicted that the child would be saved and will live the life of a priest. Truly the child escaped death and from childhood itself he started worshiping and praying to God like other sages. His prayers continued and he attained great fame for miraculous feats. Everywhere he became renowned for the fact that when he prayed intensely he started flying in air.

Lord Adare was an eye witness to an incident which he published in ‘report of the Dialobtical Society on Spiritualism’. According to it he saw one person fly in the air like a bird. In order to prove this description he said that the chief of ‘The Royal Astronomical Society’ too was a witness of the above incident.

In this description there is a mention of such an extraordinary person called Holm who possessed so many types of miraculous divine powers. He could fly in the air. For a long time he could hold burning coal in his hands.

When these Sidhis or divine powers were cogitated over many did not trust them and they insisted that all this was mere gossip meant to fool people. As a result under the leadership of the world renowned scientist Sir William Crookes a research team was appointed to pursue the above matter. The research team accepted that whatever was said regarding Holm it was true. There was no wiliness or sleight of hand involved. Yet it was difficult for them to say as to how all these divine powers actually functioned. The chief of ‘British Society for Psychic Research’ FW Myers and Prof Crookes discussed details of the above research, experience and conclusion and it was decided that there was no sleight of hand or trick being used. Hence such incidents should be looked upon by modern age science as a subject of research and instead of distrusting all this, a newer direction of experiments must be conducted on them. At the time of research Crookes found such mind boggling divine powers in Holms wherein the latter could move far off objects from one place to another. Further he could manifest such objects which were never there before in that place.

In his travel in interstellar space in August 1962 in the spacecraft Vostok-3 Nikolayev describes the state of space as follows: Within outer space there is no need to touch the ground, walls etc in order to walk. In empty space man can walk very easily. It is enough to use a light touch of the wall of the spacecraft to move it. By this very light touch one can walk easily. Then in joy one can move and walk. With the help of hands and legs one can move in any direction. Not only walking but one can swim as though one is in water. In water on planet earth one swims by kicking the legs and moving the hands and in space too one can ‘swim’ thus albeit without water.

Beyond the limits of gravitational pull it is possible for the gross body to walk, run, swim etc in far off interstellar space. In it initially there is need of giving only a minor push and on the basis of power of resolve the hands, legs are required to be moved a bit. To attain this state now it is not very tedious. Principally it has now been accepted and in interstellar place and on planet earth under conditions of weightlessness one can visibly see man flying high in the sky.

Rooms devoid of gravitational pull have been constructed on earth. In order to practice the state of weightlessness interstellar space travelers are asked to dwell in such rooms so as to experience the state of lack of gravity. Hence now it is not required that that only by going beyond the earth’s layer of gravity one can fly in space. Science by constructing such rooms on earth devoid of gravity has proved that the state experienced by interstellar space which is devoid of gravitational pull can be created on planet earth too which undergoes the law of gravity.

Sir John Alex (Nobel Laureate 1933) and Adrian Dove after deep research and experimentation has proved that gravitational pull is not at work in particles like neutrino, photon and graviton. These particles imitate the very existence of light. The sub particles of Prana or vital force have that very capacity which can liberate gross particles from law of gravity. Under such circumstances the divine power of man flying in air cannot be falsified.

Although these spiritual practices are difficult yet people with extraordinary psychic capacity can succeed in them. In reality via Prana based spiritual practice this divine energy advances on its own.

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