When it comes to remodelling a bathroom, most homeowners look for trendy and stylish accessories that can give a visual boost to the space at the same time, make bathroom functional. Doorless showers are high on trend now due to the function and character it adds to a bathroom. While some homeowners perceive them as a luxury, others choose to install them to enhance the accessibility of their space. Before you decide to install one during your next bathroom remodel, here’s a brief guide that would help you know everything about doorless showers. Stay glued.

Doorless Showers- A Brief Overview

Doorless showers feature only the shower stall and are not a typical tub shower combination. They have transparent glass walls either on one or both sides and are comparatively larger than an enclosed shower stall. As and when you explore the market, you will find a plethora of doorless shower options in a range of sizes, material and level of privacy. While some may feature a half wall, others might have a bench side. If you have planned to revamp your wet area with doorless showers, it’s important to know their in and out from a construction standpoint.

The below information will explain whether doorless showers would be workable in your next bathroom remodelling project.

What Would be the Average Dimension of Doorless Showers?

Doorless showers usually require a large floor space than a standard tub or shower stand. While a standard shower stall is usually 36 inches by 36 inches, average doorless showers are about 7 feet by 4 feet with a much wider space requirement. Besides, doorless showers require additional space to prevent excess water from spreading throughout the rest of the bathroom. The entryway is usually 2feet and for the best constructional layout, you may hire experts offering bathroom renovations in Perth who can optimise your existing space and plan the best construction layout keeping in mind the mobility and functionality.

The Impressive Perks of Having Doorless Showers

If your ensuite features adequate space to incorporate a doorless shower, here are the benefits you may derive in the long run:

Improved Accessibility: A striking benefit of installing doorless showers is they don’t require an additional entrance which makes them a great space-saving choice. You should consider the mobility when planning the layout of doorless showers for improved accessibility.
Easy Customisation: A good reason why doorless showers have become an integral part of modern bathroom renovations is that it offers seamless customisation. Consult with experts offering bathroom renovations in the North of River Perth to explore features like a half wall or bench, shelving for toiletries and more.
Open & Airy: By opting for doorless showers, you can create a sense of openness in your bathroom and the illusion of a bigger space. This is especially true if you have a window near the shower layout. Natural light and air penetration will be seamless and you will enjoy an ultimate bathing experience.

Final Words

Hope this guide helps you in making the right choice for your next bathroom remodel. If your bathroom features ample space, you can easily go for doorless shower installation for improved mobility and aesthetic appeal.

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