Lights, camera, action and you are on!! Yes, who doesn’t like to take pictures? I absolutely LOVE taking pictures while I’m on vacation, with my family or just randomly snapping pictures with my phone, or camera. But I wasn’t always like this, trust me I use to be that person had to approve every single picture that my family and friends took. The picture had to be taken at a certain angle and at a certain time (preferably in the morning when I was my “smallest”) or so I thought. I loved taking head-shots because they hid everything I wanted to conceal and plus everyone said I had a pretty face, so I’ll take that.

In all honestly, I dreaded taking pictures and when I did, aside from the head-shots and outrageous approval requests, you would always find me hiding behind someone, sitting down with a pillow on my lap or missing from the photos. Yes, I knew that I was “hiding” out and missing on the fun but the pain of not recognizing the person I had become was bigger than “taking pictures” for memories sake. In 2005, after releasing the “weight” that really held me back from living my ideal life which manifested as body fat, fear, distractions, negative thoughts, toxin relationships, anger and insecurity, I took a family vacation to visit my parents who were living in Florida. I was excited to show them the new me, 50 pounds lighter in mind, body and spirit. Just as I expected my parents were shocked and a bit overwhelmed with my new “look.” My mom stood in amazement and disbelief when she opened the door that she screamed out my name with excitement. There I was standing in my power, smiling and beaming with joy. My parents were so proud; they couldn’t stop looking at me, asking me questions of how I did it? How did I finally break free from my “stuff” to reclaim my life which lead me to a healthier slimmer body?

At the end of my 2 week visit, as we said our goodbyes and our “I love you’s,” my dad gave me an envelope and sent me on my way. Eager to see what was inside the envelope, I tore it open like a kid getting allowance (yes wishful thinking). What I discovered in the envelope brought tears to my eyes. My father had taken pictures of me at my heaviest while I was not looking and pictures that he “made” me take for memories sake (a smart man my dad). My dad had those pictures for an entire year and he never mailed them to me. He mailed me the kids pictures but he kept my “big girl” pictures. But on that hot summer day, he released those pictures to me as a reminder of how far I had come and what I had to let go to get to where I wanted to be. If it wasn’t for those pictures, I would have never been able to share with you my story in pictures. As much as I now love to take pictures, the most important “picture” that I take is the one with my emotions, the one that impacts my thoughts and orders my steps to become unstoppable.

What about you? How do you picture yourself? How do you see yourself today, right now as you read this blog post?

Can you picture yourself being strong, vibrant, alive and healthy? Can you picture yourself being happy, free, wealthy, engaged completely and fully with life? Take a moment and reflect on that “picture” and the feelings. What would it mean for you, what would your life look like and feel like?

Can you feel the joy, the excitement, the passion, the love?

Hold on to those feelings; can you feel the sense of happiness that overflows within your body as you imagine living your dream life in every way? I robbed myself of those feelings because I was so wrapped up and focused on my thighs, hips and butt that I didn’t allow myself to just be in the present, having fun creating my future. I was focused on the camera and the story it would tell when the picture was taken. I lived in that pain longer than I needed to because I never truly pictured myself living the life I deserve.

As we eagerly await to enter a brand new year, take some time and enjoy yourself in the NOW. Start creating the pictures in your mind that brings you joy. How do you see yourself in those pictures? Are your kids in those pictures? What are you doing with them? Are you laughing, running, playing or you in the fitting room trying on new clothes? Are you in a loving marriage, relationship? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Are you completely in love with YOU?

Focus on the essence of these pictures daily as they will inspire you, motivate you, and strengthen your commitment to make it your reality. They will help get you unstuck and start living a powerful unstoppable life.

Author's Bio: 

Ange Anglade is a Body and Soul Coach,Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach; Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness Specialist. She is the founder of The Wellness Studio, LLC specializing in helping professional women get to the core of what’s really holding them back from releasing their weight so they can gain control of their body, reclaim their passion and create a life they love.

Ange uses a holistic approach guiding my clients through my 7 Step Signature System“The Release The Weight Blueprint For the Woman Who’ve Tried it All” helping them remove emotional blocks, fears and negative thoughts so they can release excess weight, stop dieting and live their ideal life struggle free.

Ange is a Licensed Social Worker with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Mercy College, NY and Master’s degree in Social Work from Howard University. Ange is the Baltimore Family Fitness Examiner for ™.